SmartPDU für Rechenzentren

  • Sichere und robuste Stromversorgung
  • Lückenlose Überwachung und Integration
  • Einfache IP-Netzwerk-Integration

Kentix SmartPDUs – the complete power monitoring system solution

An absolutely robust and highly available power supply in the IT rack is the basis of your IT infrastructure. The SmartPDU is designed precisely for this purpose and also serves as a system solution in the IT cabinet by combining intelligent power measurement, environment monitoring and access control.
Everything is based on the integrated all in one platform KentixONE, which allows simple, scalable management via web frontend and at the same time enables simple and up-to-date integration into third-party systems with SNMP v2/3, ReST-API, WebHooks, and much more .

Possible applications

  • High-performance IT racks

  • Collocation racks with switchable and measurable PDU (MID)

  • Edge PDU

  • Technical distributor

  • IT racks in distributed infrastructures

  • network monitoring

Monitored factors

  • Power consumption (kWh)

  • Power (A)

  • Voltage (V)

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Power ratings (W, VA, kVar)

  • power factor

  • mains phase failure

Calibrated measurement with RCM and PUE calculation

All “SmartPDU” models are equipped with calibrated current measurement of the most important current parameters. This means that the consumption data can also be used in the Collocation Data Center for legally compliant billing.

The integrated residual current monitoring (RCM) makes it possible to carry out the required electrical device tests according to DGUV-V3 even without switching off and contributes to higher electrical safety as well as increased fire protection. The SmartPDUs operate according to the server-client principle. This means that one PDU (server) collects all data from the connected client PDU.

In addition, the server PDU can also read an external main power meter via Modbus Ethernet, enabling direct PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) calculation.
Thus, one of the most important energy key figures is available in the data center without external software.

Smart Connections

The SmartPDU offers numerous connection options

Secure access to your server racks with the SmartPDU as well

The DoorLock-RA4 is an important system component with many advantages. Besides stand-alone use, the handle can also be connected directly to a Kentix SmartPDU. On the one hand, this eliminates the need for cabling between the cabinets, and on the other hand, the front and rear door handles of the cabinet are supplied redundantly via the PDUs.

The SmartPDU takes over the management of the handle and the monitoring of the door contacts. The only other hardware required is a central access manager. This makes integration into a complete access system from Kentix even easier

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