For fast temperature measurement in access areas and allocation of waiting areas.

Offices – Authorities – Offices

Data protection-compliant temperature measurement in offices and production facilities based on self-measurement and decisions based on trust.

Schools – Universities

Temperature measurement in schools and universities with high personnel throughput.

Kindergartens – Day care centres

Quick detection of febrile children and caregivers.

Swimming pools – Sports facilities

Avoid entry of feverish persons.

Convert halls – Football stadiums

Identification and separation of febrile persons at large events in the area of access control.

Airports – Train stations

Screening of passengers in the passenger transport sector.

Nursing homes – Housing area

Inspection of guests and suppliers in nursing homes for the elderly

Technology comparison of current fever screening methods

TechnologyTemperature measurementGDPR complianceInvestment costs
Kentix SmartXcan
Always constant and defined measuring process and measuring distanceNo staff required, automated and intuitive measurement, simple self measurementLow purchase, installation and operating costs
Thermal imaging handheld device
Possible scattering due to undefined measuring distance, operating errors possibleStaff required, no direct user feedbackLow investment costs - depending on the model, but high operating costs due to staff
Thermal imaging camera
Possible scattering due to undefined and too large measuring distanceMostly staff required, no direct user feedbackHigh investment costs due to complex technology, necessary operator display, server, software, etc.

Hospitals in the Birkenfeld district rely on Kentix SmartXcan

Kentix SmartXcan protects residents, staff and visitors

Focused on the exact measurement of body temperature!

Simple user guidance

A really simple use of the device was important to us during development. No operating personnel is necessary for the use. Focus measuring point – approach head – measurement. This is done intuitively, the measurement is confirmed optically and acoustically within only 0.6 seconds. The whole process of approaching the SmartXcan, measuring and stepping away takes about 3-5 seconds. The LED bar shows the result directly with GREEN or RED. Depending on the setting, the LED bar can also display three temperature ranges, such as elevated temperature, fever or high fever.

Precise measuring process thanks to intelligent sensor technology

1024 sensors measure the temperature at many points of the eyes and forehead. Due to the defined and always the same process, we achieve a much more reproducible measurement than comparable methods. Additional deep-learning algorithms are used to continuously teach the thermal image and optimize the measurement process. Disturbing influences can thus be faded out as far as possible. With more than 1,000 measured values, the result is a reliable statement of body temperature.

Complete system

The Kentix SmartXcan Sensor is supplied as a complete set. Wall bracket, mounting material and covers are included in the delivery. For commissioning, only a network connection with Power over Ethernet (PoE) is required. Via the network connection and the integrated HTTPS web server, the device can be accessed at any time by PC, tablet or smartphone. Configuration changes or updates can thus be carried out easily. The administration of several devices, including the distribution of the configuration, is also possible without any problems.

Compact dimensions, easy mounting

The sensor, measuring only 120x120x47mm, is supplied with a lockable wall mounting bracket and cable cover to prevent tampering. The sensor is ideally mounted at a height of 110-120cm. Barrier-free mounting is therefore possible.

SmartAPI and external connections

The SmartScan is simply integrated into the network via Ethernet with PoE, so only one cable feed is necessary. Via HTTPS and the integrated web server, configuration and future updates are easily done. With the REST-API, external systems can be easily integrated at software level and controlled in real time via web hooks. In addition, a system port with two inputs/outputs is available for the electrical connection of external systems such as door controls or singling systems.

Optional RFID reader integrated

The version with integrated RFID reader (Mifare DESFire) is used to activate and assign the measurement to persons. The persons are created in the user administration accordingly with an RFID token. Each measurement is then actively started by holding the RFID token in front of them. Measurements can then be reported with assignment to the person. The report can be sent by e-mail, SNMP or Web-Hook. Temperature measurements can also be viewed in the SmartXcan logbook. User administration can also be carried out via LDAP or Active Directory.

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