Integrate KentixONE into network monitoring systems

and seamlessly monitor the entire IT infrastructure

Secure environment, secure network – seamlessly monitor the entire IT infrastructure

Effective network and environment monitoring is essential for compliance with regulatory requirements and for smooth operation of enterprise IT. The MultiSensor technology from Kentix offers the optimal solution for this. Find out how easy it is to always have your entire IT infrastructure in view and to monitor it seamlessly!

Monitor entire IT infrastructure with MultiSensor technology and PRTG

Advantages of the complete solution with Kentix MultiSensor technology

  • Monitor entire IT infrastructure for all major threats with redundant alerting

  • Low effort for installation, configuration, maintenance and system care

  • Compatibility of the systems with each other – seamless integration

  • Manageable costs – ROI already when a failure is avoided

PRTG Sensors Circle

Kentix MultiSensor® technology provides physical readings for your network monitoring

Kentix MultiSensor® technology monitors all major physical hazards in the room and rack. The various measurement and alarm values are also always made available via SNMP and can be very easily integrated into network monitoring solutions via the Management Information Base (MIB). This allows all important parameters and critical states of your IT infrastructure to be displayed in one interface. One of these solutions is, for example, the PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler.

PRTG Network Monitor – Efficient monitoring made easy

PRTG can be used to monitor the entire IT infrastructure. Ideally, the system detects and reports problems before the user even notices them.
The values that PRTG queries from servers, routers and other devices in the network are mapped by so-called sensors. Each sensor represents a parameter that is recorded by PRTG. The setup of such a sensor, from the moment of installation to the setting of alarm thresholds, is always done in the same way.
This is explained here in simple steps.

PRTG Sensorlist

Supported functions

SNMP Support

  • Complete MIB for all integrated sensors

  • Traps are supported

  • Query and integration of all measured values in network monitoring systems

HTTP Support

  • Data exchange via XML

  • HTTP commands for sending SMS (integrated SMS gateway)

  • HTTP control of IP cameras

Kentix AlarmManager as SMS gateway for PRTG, Nagios, WhatsUp Gold & Co.

All information from the MultiSensors comes together in the Kentix AlarmManager. In addition to the alarms via SNMP and e-mail, the AlarmManager-PRO can also inform via the integrated GSM modem by SMS.

The AlarmManager-PRO can also be used as SMS or PUSH gateway of all alarms occurring in the network monitoring. It has an HTTP API through which it can be accessed with simple commands and password. Corresponding installation scripts for different network monitoring systems can be found in the manual or in the FAQ.

Wir unterstützen alle gängigen Netzwerk-Monitoring, DCIM und Building Management Systeme

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