Container Data Center Monitoring

  • Real time monitoring of all systems and threats
  • Permanent server availability monitoring
  • Alerts immediately - even when the network is down

Network based IT infrastructure monitoring for any Container Data Center – ingeniously easy

360° monitoring for Network Operation Center

No matter how small or large the application is – Kentix systems are scalable to almost any size and can be integrated into closed systems.

Starting with a StarterSet with AlarmManager and MultiSensor as a basis, you can expand your system as desired and include all infrastructure units in the system.

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Important for a container data center and remote sites

  • 50% of all failures are caused by technical defects or human error
  • Recovery works are costly and time consuming
  • Physical hazards not only threaten your IT!

Integrates the entire infrastructure of the container data center

  • Air conditioning systems, UPS systems and more can be monitored for functionality in real time
  • Servers in your network are monitored permanently for availability by the AlarmManager
  • The ingenious Kentix MultiSensor technology monitors all critical threats in your rooms
  • All important messages are forwarded to the responsible persons immediately

Monitors 19 critical threats with one device
The MultiSensor-LAN:

Monitoring of distributed rooms
The AlarmManager

Who, when, where?
Manage access securely – always




Our ingenious MultiSensor-LAN combines all your single alarm systems into one and fulfills your environmental monitoring needs with just one device. It is a fire and water detector, climate controller and burglary alarm all in one. This doesn’t only spare your budget, but also your nerves, since combining many different sensors isn’t always a smooth process. With the MultiSensor-LAN, you get smooth integration into existing networks guaranteed. That’s server room monitoring made easy!

The AlarmManager is the intelligent alarm central of the system; all the information of the MultiSensors merge here. The AlarmManager is mounted in the server room or rack and forwards all alarm or fault messages to the responsible persons. The configuration happens via a comfortable web interface. All system messages are filed in an internal database.

Access control made easy: Existing doors can easily be rebuilt with the Radio Door Knob and therefore made online-compatible. In the next step, the door can be integrated into the system. The door can be unlocked with RFID mediums for which sufficient authorization is needed that can be granted via the control center in the AccessManager. This way, your entire premises are secured against unauthorized access.

Find out more details in the Kentix server room!


Kentix MultiSensor-DOOR
The revolution in security technology. Intelligent 3-axis motion sensor with temperature and humidity measurement. Protects racks, cabinets or any moving objects. More product information...


Kentix OnlineAccess
Online-Doorlock for server racks for easy mounting and networking with web or APP interface. More product information... (PDF)


Kentix MultiSensor
Detects all critical risks in one device. Can be networked via RF or LAN. More product information...


Kentix AlarmManager
The alarm-center, alert via e-mail, SNMP or SMS with built-in GSM modem. More product information...


Kentix KeyPad
Control panel for access control and arming the intrusion detection. More product information...


Kentix OnlineAccess
Online-Doorlock for easy mounting and networking with web or APP interface.

Leakage sensor

Leakage sensor
Alert reliable ingress of water and can be simply networked. More product information...
Simple and secure networking via radio or existing LAN / WLAN networks.
Easy and secure control over KENTIX360 or local networks.