Who, when, where? Access easily networked

  • Easy retrofitting with little mounting efforts at low cost
  • Integrates video recording and LDAP
  • Remote controllable via app - anytime and anywhere

Online access control becomes ingeniously easy with the Kentix DoorLock® technology

Sleep in peace while Kentix takes care of your business – maximum security with minimum effort

Who has access to which rooms and at what time? With the Kentix DoorLock®, you have full (access) control: With different varieties of online door openers and individually put together time-user-profiles, you set up a complete RFID based access control system according to your specific needs in no time. Thanks to the central administration of the entire system, you have all your rooms at a glance at any time – so you don’t have to worry about the security of your business anymore. And if a problem does occur after all, Kentix alerts you immediately and reliably so you can act as quickly as possible.

The advantage of the Kentix online access control system is how easy it can be cross-linked and integrated into existing IT networks. The modification is uncomplicated and can be done without further constructional measures. Therefore, both big or small professional access systems can be set up quickly, easily and at little cost.


  • Rebuilding existing doors is simple and requires no great mounting efforts

  • Easy interconnection of wireless online door opener and AccessManager (PoE)

  • Integrates Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAP – easy access management


  • Secure data exchange by complete encryption
  • Suitable for inner and outer areas, approved for emergency exits and fire doors

  • Provides function for arming/disarming of alarm system via the Kentix AlarmManager


  • Integrates IP cameras for video recording function if desired

  • Integrated radio-online connection with remote opening

  • Entire software included – no downloads necessary, no additional cost

Wireless Door Knob:
Simply rebuild existing doors

Kentix DoorLock: Online Door Knob

Wireless Door Lever:
Comfortable access via RFID

Wireless Wall Reader:
Access control for gates and barriers

Kentix DoorLock: Online Wall Reader

The Wireless Door Knob can easily be mounted in merely any standard door at low cost and without additional structural measures. It is available for inner or outer doors and also for emergency exits or fireproof doors. Since it works both online as well as offline, a secure authentication can be guaranteed at all times. Several doors simply interconnect to one complete RFID based access system that is centrally controlled and managed. That is how ingeniously easy online access control can be!

The electronic door lever is specifically suitable for highly frequented doors such as office doors, offering comfortable access by unlocking said doors permanently for a set amount of time (toggle function). The door lever can easily be mounted in virtually any standard door without wiring or special tools. It can be cross-linked via radio (868MHz) and works online as well as offline (stand-alone). Just like the other door openers, the online door lever smoothly integrates into the entire Kentix portfolio.

The Wireless Wall Reader is suitable for securing gates, elevators or garages against unauthorized access. It is simply mounted in an outlet socket or housing for surface mounting and it works online as well as offline. A RFID card reader in MIFARE® DESFire® technology is integrated. Several radio door openers can easily be installed and interconnected in one system. This way, the Kentix DoorLock offers a suitable access solution for any application.

Integrating doors into the network via radio and controlling the system centrally – with the Kentix AccessManager

Screenshot Access Logbook

Access logbook

Screenshot Time Profile

Time profile

What’s extraordinary about the Kentix online access system is the simple networking and integration. The AccessManager contains the entire access software and integrates smoothly into merely any IT environment. If there is more than one AccessManager, one of them will take over the central administration. Setting up access profiles is therefore extremely easy even in larger systems. In case of a network failure, an AccessManager decides independently about the access authorization. Even if the connection between online door opener and the AccessManager should be disturbed, the door openers decide internally about up to 1.000 permissions.

The access software inside the AccessManager contains everything that a professional access control system requires: Extensive logbook for entries, time-door profiles, sabotage monitoring of the cylinders, reporting of special system events via email / SNMP, and lots more.

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Smart access control system with smart functions – why you should choose Kentix as your online access control system:

  • Avoid false alarms – unlocking the door with an RFID medium arms/disarms the alarm system in connection with the Kentix AlarmManager

  • Kiss your worries goodbye: Simply block a lost key in the system – dishonest finders don’t stand a chance

  • External service provider encounters locked doors? Open the door via Remote Management – from anywhere and at any time with the Kentix360 Cloud

  • Comfortable access: If set up accordingly, a booking on a door opener can unlock the door for a set amount of time – easy access to highly frequented rooms such as offices

  • Entire software included – no additional cost!

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The advantage of the Kentix DoorLock: Easy interconnectability and smooth integration into existing systems

Kentix is watching you: Access with video recording

The market for Smart Building products is growing rapidly over the next few years according to a Gartner study*; the demand for holistic security solutions is growing. An online access control system is an important part of that. The Kentix DoorLock® with its video recording function offers a maximum of security for data centers, offices and industrial sites.

Each door in the system can be connected to an IP camera that records a sequence of pictures and saves it to the dashboard whenever a door opener is unlocked with an RFID token. The entry including personal data and time-stamp can be viewed any time. For any unsuccessful booking or any attempt of sabotage, the IT administrator receives an e-mail with the picture sequence attached.

*Source: Gartner Inc.

Online access control with video recording function

StarterSet-DoorLock – the easiest starter solution for your introduction to online access control

Manage access securely at all times – with the StarterSet-DoorLock: It consists of an AccessManager, a Radio Door Knob, a master card set and a battery changing tool and enables the administration of access authorization for up to 16 doors. Expanding the system in order to integrate more doors is possible any time.

With the Kentix DoorLock, you set up a complete RFID based access control system with only two base components and little mounting efforts that can be controlled from anywhere and at any time via the Kentix360 Cloud. The professional yet ingeniously easy online access control system by Kentix!

Online access control made easy with the Kentix StarterSet-DoorLock