Who, when, where? Access easily networked

  • Matching access solution for every door
  • Easily scalable - with wireless and wired components
  • Integration von LDAP & Active Directory

100% control with IT-based solutions

The protection of critical infrastructures and sensitive data against unauthorized access begins at the door. With traditional locking systems, access cannot be logged, time-limited or centrally managed. The tricky question: Who has access to which rooms and when?

With the Kentix DoorLock®, you have full control: With different door opener variants and individually adjustable time-user profiles, you can get an access solution exactly according to your needs in no time at all.

5000 users on 16,000 doors

With our easy to network and IT-based DoorLock system, you can create an access solution in no time at all that can be expanded almost indefinitely.


  • Easy networking and integration

  • Fully encrypted

  • Arm/disarm switch

  • Controllable via Web or App


  • For office, warehouse and industry

  • Indoor and outdoor use

  • Escape and fire doors

Easy networking and seamless integration into existing systems

Simple control
with any browser

Access (Radio)
Conversion possible
on almost all doors

Central for monitored doors
with approx. 25m radio range

Official Kentix App for
iPhone und Android

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KENTIX SmartAccess

One solution for every door
IP Wall Reader
IP Wall Reader
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All accesses at a glance at all times – with access logbook and time profiles

The access logbook provides an overview of all bookings, including failed bookings (e.g. insufficient authorization). This allows you to see directly who has entered a room at any time. Simple filter functions can be used to limit the selection to specific days, doors and persons.

With the help of access and time profiles, you can specify in detail which user is authorised to open which doors at which times.

An access profile always includes a selected time profile and one or more doors. Any number of access profiles can be assigned to the user. This creates maximum flexibility even with larger systems without becoming complicated or confusing.

time profile

Easy Access Management – Integration of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAP

The Kentix DoorLock offers the integration of the directory services Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAP. The authorization accounts in Kentix DoorLock are easily imported and synchronized via AD or LDAP, which saves time and money in access management.

Access authorizations are thus managed centrally and assigned or denied on the basis of user profiles. In addition to pure authorization, the Active Directory can also be used to centrally decide who has access where and when. If the role of an employee in the company has changed, access control automatically receives this information from the central server.

This facilitates access management even for companies where users or authorizations change frequently.

Easy entry with the StarterSet-DoorLock

The StarterSet-DoorLock starter set contains all the components you need to lay the foundation for an online access system and make your first door online ready.

The included AccessManager can manage the access authorisations of up to 16 doors, making it possible to add additional doors at any time. With up to 999 networkable AccessManager you can create small or large access systems in no time at all, which can be controlled at any time and from anywhere via the Kentix360 Cloud.

Online access control made easy with the Kentix StarterSet-DoorLock