IT Security in hospitals and medical practice

  • 360° IT Security in hospitals und healthcare
  • Monitoring of 37 risk factors
  • Access control to rooms and lockers

Complete solution for environmental monitoring in hospitals and healthcare facilities – ingeniously easy

Kentix in a hospital environment offers uninterrupted monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure and all critical systems.

Over 50% of IT system failures are caused by technical failure or human error. Kentix monitoring systems for hospital and healthcare environments detect more than 35 physical threats with just one system.

System and data recovery requires an average of 4 hours and recovery processes are costly. Therefore, early detection and the direct reporting of threats is essential. The use of a monitoring system for critical threats such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, power, movement and more, is part of the basic equipment of every IT environment nowadays.

Physical hazards may arise in adjoining or supply rooms and threaten your IT infrastructure as well. Environmental monitoring in hospitals has become mandatory. Take precautions now – avoid liability issues! Request a free live demo.

360° round view for a safe hospital operation

The Kentix MultiSensor® technology monitors all important physical threats in rooms, racks and infrastructure with only a few devices. The different status and alarm values are provided via SNMP and can be integrated into a network monitoring system very easily using the SNMP Management Infomation Base (MIB). Kentix devices support all major monitoring systems, SCADA and DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solutions. Further information from external systems (air conditioning systems, UPS, generators, electrical systems, and more) can be concentrated and monitored with Kentix.

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Avoid high costs and expenditure of time – with an all-in-one system

No matter how small or large the application is – Kentix solutions integrate all critical systems, but require very few system components for a complete monitoring. Purchasing, installing and managing several single systems becomes a thing of the past – and that saves time and money, concerning the investment as well as during operation.

Kentix systems for environmental monitoring in hospitals and healthcare environments include:

  1. Climate monitoring
  2. Intrusion detection system
  3. Early fire detection
  4. Access control
  5. Network monitoring
  6. Reporting – Documentation

Important for IT infrastructures in hospital environments

  • 50% of all failures are caused by technical defects or human error
  • Recovery works are costly and time consuming
  • All alerts are sent reliably and immediately to the responsible persons

  • Kentix integrates and monitors all critical systems with only a few system components
  • Easy monitoring of cold / hot corridors and electrotechnical infrastructure
  • Third-party systems can easily be integrated (SNMP, OPC, electrical contacts)

Important in order to fulfill compliance

  • Especially in Health Care, protection of personal data is a must

  • Burglary or IT outages can lead to loss of data

  • Defects must be detected immediately in order to avoid outages

  • With Kentix, AC and USV systems can be monitored for functionality in real time

  • Physical risks threaten more than just your IT!

CLIMATE-MONITORING: Temperature - Humidity - Dewpoint

EARLY FIRE DETECTION: Firedetection starting from 10ppm carbon monoxide (CO)

ACCESS & INTRUSION: Access control combined with burglary alarm

LEAKAGE DETECTION: Message from flooding or tube leaks

Access securely linked across the entire hospital

Especially in critical areas such as the healthcare sector, there are many regulatory requirements for the security of IT infrastructures and data protection in effect. Particularly patient data needs to be reliably secured at all times. Unauthorized access to critical areas can quickly lead to high and sometimes irrevocable damage. That is why appropriate safety measures are important which will, at best, prevent any disturbance before it even happens and alarm the responsible persons in case of an emergency. Kentix systems offer an ingeniously easy solution for environmental monitoring in hospitals – and on top of that, a smart access control system such as the Kentix DoorLock® offers protection against burglary, sabotage and non authorized access to laboratories, practices, medicine cabinets, IT rooms and other critical areas – all with just one system.

Environmental monitoring in hospitals

Monitors 19 threats with one device

Kentix DoorLock:
Manage access securely – always

The AlarmManager is the intelligent alarm central of the system; all the information of the MultiSensors merge here. The AlarmManager is mounted in the server room or rack and forwards all alarm or fault messages to the responsible persons. The configuration happens via a comfortable web interface. All system messages are filed in an internal database.

The ideal starter solution: The MultiSensor-LAN detects up to 19 physical threats with just one device and therefore can replace seven conventional sensors. It offers comprehensive monitoring functionality and full SNMP V2 support. It can either be operated as a stand-alone solution or in connection with an AlarmManager-PRO (or StarterSet-PRO respectively). The MultiSensor-LAN is powered via PoE and has an integrated web server.

Access control made easy: Existing doors can easily be rebuilt with the Wireless Door Knob and therefore made online-compatible. With sufficient authorization, the door can then be unlocked with RFID mediums. If required, IP cameras can also be integrated into the system that will take a sequence of pictures with each booking. This way, your entire premises are secured against unauthorized access.

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