Seamless integration of IP video cameras

  • Automatic video recording during alarms
  • Synchronous image and data saving
  • Support of all HTTP/HTTPS network cameras

Identifying threats as quickly as possible with event-synchronic images and alarms

Kentix systems detect threats early, report them immediately or log authorized and unauthorized access. A video recording simultaneously to the alarms and events enables a fast assessment of critical states even in remote sites. In connection to additional measurement values, it becomes particularly reliably this way.

Supported systems:

Application possibilities:

  • IT engineering rooms

  • Remote technology stations

  • Critical production areas

  • Remote storage facilities

  • Depots and warehouses

  • Medicine cabinets

Kentix systems can be extended up to 128GB via microSD cards and save more than 100.000 video sequences.

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Kentix AlarmManager-PRO Vorderansicht

Kentix systems take advantage of end-to-end IP-based systems and can directly access video data from IP network cameras. These are continuously recorded. In the event of an event, images can be merged, stored and transmitted before and after the event. The advantage is the synchronous information from measurement data and image data in one system; a search in an external video memory is no longer necessary.

Sample IP Video camera integration (HTTP/HTTPS)

Resolutions can be set individually



Camera Integration

Kentix is watching you: Access with video recording

The market for Smart Building products is growing rapidly over the next few years according to a Gartner study*; the demand for holistic security solutions is growing. An online access control system is an important part of that. The Kentix DoorLock® with its video recording function offers a maximum of security for data centers, offices and industrial sites.

Each door in the system can be connected to an IP camera that records a sequence of pictures and saves it to the dashboard whenever a door opener is unlocked with an RFID token. The entry including personal data and time-stamp can be viewed any time. For any unsuccessful booking or any attempt of sabotage, the IT administrator receives an e-mail with the picture sequence attached.

*Source: Gartner Inc.

Türöffnung mit Video-Aufzeichnung

The following systems integrate IP video if required

StarterSet Pro

With the Kentix StarterSet-PRO you receive a complete package for a quick introduction to the innovative Kentix MultiSensor® technology. You monitor a room with only one device for 37 physical hazards.
The StarterSet can be extended by network-compatible MultiSensors at any time and enables a monitored area of up to 10,000 m².

StarterSet DoorLock

The StarterSet DoorLock provides you with all the components you need to make doors and cabinets online ready.

The included AccessManager can manage up to 16 doors, allowing you to add additional doors or cabinets at any time.
With up to 999 networkable AccessManager you can create small or large access systems in no time at all.

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