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Kentix360 Cloud2018-11-28T16:48:01+00:00

Security Central For Your Coat Pocket

With the Kentix360 Cloud you monitor mission-critical IT infrastructures easily and securely via app. Always know your IT is up and running - anytime and anywhere!

Remote Management via Kentix360 Cloud: Access from anywhere and at any time

Kentix360 is the cloud-based security center to monitor your IT infrastructure. You will get all the important information about the security state of your IT environment – anytime and anywhere. With this innovative cloud solution, even critical applications in industry 4.0, logistics and supply can be monitored effectively. Users will be informed on any device about all states of the IT environment and any resulting risks and can respond as quickly as possible.

  • Included in any Kentix AlarmManager and Kentix AccessPoint or in the StarterSets respectively

  • Remote Management of the entire system from anywhere and at any time, for example to unlock doors or arm/disarm alarm zones

  • Redundant alarming: SMS, SNMP, e-mail, push notifications, mobile Kentix App (Android, iOS)

  • Reminds you of routinely inspections of the system, regularly checks all system components for functionality

  • Simple activation via the Kentix Control Center (cost: 96,00 EUR/year plus VAT)

  • Also included in the products: Kentix SIM card including 600 alarm SMS (Cost when in use: 72,00 EUR/year plus VAT), alternatively using your own SIM card is possible

Kentix 360:
Free 30 day trial – sign up now!

Simply activate Kentix360 via the software and use it for the first month free of charge!


Reliable alarming even in case of network failures

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria all Kentix StarterSets are delivered with an integrated SIM card from Deutsche Telekom. After registering for the Kentix360 cloud service a starting contingent of 600 redundant alarm SMS is included. The advantage: Even with a network failure alarm messages will still be sent reliably. With this the Kentix Sets secure server rooms against all critical threats.

»» More info on the rate


  • Safe access via APP from everywhere
  • Data storage for 12 months
  • Push message to your smartphone and integrated e-mail service
  • Live access to your IP video cameras

  • SIM card for redundant alarm SMS already integrated
  • No additional external cloud service provider is needed


  • Fully encrypted communication
  • No open firewall necessary
  • Multi-factor authentication with ID and password
  • Brute Force lock
  • Hosting in a German data center

Arm or disarm alarm systems with only a few clicks

The Kentix AlarmManager integrates a full intrusion detection system with up to 100 free configurable zones. The arming/disarming can be done locally using a wall-mounted keypad via PIN or RFID keys, or comfortably via the smart phone APP. With the Kentix360 cloud operation is like child’s play and requires only a few clicks to arm or disarm the alarm system. The advantage is that you can secure your rooms at any time without being on-site or to hiring someone. Unsecured rooms are a thing of the past. Of course the app also informs you about the state of the system and clearly shows you all events in the log.

The Kentix AccessPoint control the online access system. Via the Kentix360 Cloud you can remote control doors and, for example, unlock them for an external service provider who does not have his own authorized RFID token. If the door openers are connected to IP cameras, you can also see the recorded picture sequences any time and receive e-mail notifications with the pictures attached in case of a false booking or attempted sabotage.

Easy access to distributed sites, reliable alarming – anywhere and any time

Kentix360 – the integrated cloud solution at a profitable rate

Kentix360 Cloud

96,00 EURO plus VAT
per year, per device
For Kentix AlarmManager or AccessPoint or
StarterSet-BASIC/-PRO respectively
12 months minimum contract term

◼︎ Secure remote access via smartphone APP from everywhere
◼︎ 24 months longterm storage for data and logbook
◼︎ Push messages and integrated E-mail service
◼︎ Backup of the AlarmManager configuration
◼︎ Hourly routine checkup of AlarmManager function
◼︎ Regular updates with new cloud functions
◼︎ Usable with or without SIM card

Kentix360 SIM card

72,00 EUR plus VAT
First year free of charge
in connection with the Kentix360 Cloud
After that, 72,00 EUR plus VAT per year or 600 alarm messages resepctively
For Kentix AlarmManager or AccessPoint (or StarterSets)

◼︎ Service provider: Deutsche Telekom
◼︎ Included with any AlarmManager, AccessPoint or StarterSet
◼︎ Activation if required, alternatively usage of own SIM card possible
◼︎ Usage of Kentix SIM card free of charge for the first year
◼︎ Includes 600 alarm SMS that are recharged after being used up or after one year (depending on which occurs first)
◼︎ Unused SMS expire with recharging

Sign up for a free 30 day trial! Simply activate our devices via the web surface!

All prices are list prices and do not include VAT. Our offer is only addressed to commercial customers!

You can use the Kentix360 Cloud with our own SIM card or with the Kentix360 SIM card that is included in any AlarmManager or StarterSet-BASIC/-PRO respectively. A SIM card enables the AlarmManager to send alarm messages additionally via SMS so that the message will always be sent reliably, even when the company’s network is down.

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