Office Monitoring - all in one system

  • Online access control
  • Easy monitoring of climatic factors
  • Early fire detection with a CO sensor

360° Smart Building Security in the entire office building – ingeniously easy with Kentix

Kentix monitors IT infrastructure also in the office area and distributed operating facilities

Over 50% of IT system failures are caused by technical failure or due to human error. System and data recovery requires an average of 4 hours and causes high costs.
Early detection and the direct reporting of threats is essential to avoid costly recovery processes. The use of a monitoring system for critical threats such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, power, movement and more, is part of the basic equipment of every IT environment. Kentix systems also offer the possibility to integrate external systems such as UPS, air conditioning systems, power supply, video technology and access.

Learn here how to monitor the environmental conditions in a distributed IT infrastructure in branches and simultaneously burglary in your offices.

The dashboard for your IT infrastructure

The system is comfortably set up and managed via an easy-to-use web surface. All the important information and the entire system state at a glance are shown here as well. In addition, a smartphone app is also available. This way, you easily monitor several branches or distributed sites even from a distance. The smooth connection to superordinate management systems like DCIM, network monitoring solutions or building management systems can be realized via the open API with SNMP or XML.

With Kentix, thousands of distributed premises with sizes between 5 and 500 sqm are already being monitored.
Just contact us, we will help you with all questions about the integration.

Important for office and administrative rooms

  • 50% of all failures are caused by technical defects or human error
  • Recovery works are costly and time consuming
  • Outages can lead to loss of data and image!

Integrates all important sensors in only one system

  • Kentix integrates and monitors all critical systems with only a few system components
  • Easy monitoring of cold / hot corridors and electrotechnical infrastructure
  • Third-party systems can easily be integrated (SNMP, OPC, electrical contacts)

360° Monitoring for office buildings:
The AlarmManager

Access always securely linked:

Doors and windows safe and secure:



The AlarmManager is the intelligent alarm central of the system; all the information of the MultiSensors merge here. The AlarmManager is mounted in the server room or rack and forwards all alarm or fault messages to the responsible persons. The configuration happens via a comfortable web interface. All system messages are filed in an internal database.

The Wireless Door Lever can be mounted in almost all standard doors without writing or the need for special tools. It can be linked via radio (868MHz) and can be remote controlled online this way. The offline use is also possible, which makes the door lever suitable for a stand-alone-solution. The door lever is characterized by a very long battery life (up to 8 years) and can seamlessly be integrated into the Kentix portfolio.

Very compact MultiSensor for the monitoring of doors and windows. The MultiSensor-DOOR is simply affixed on the door or window and operated in combination with an AlarmManager (or StarterSet), securing your rooms against burglary and sabotage.
The collected sensor data are transmitted via (ZigBee®) radio to the AlarmManager. The sensor is battery driven with a battery life span of up to 4 years.

Find out more details in the virtual Kentix Office!


Kentix MultiSensor-RACK Detects all major risks in the IT rack as early as possible. Furthermore it measures power and analyzes voltage with the integrated PDU. More product information...


Kentix MultiSensor-DOOR Mini-MultiSensor for doors and windows, recognizes any movement and includes climate monitoring. More product information...


Kentix MultiSensor Detects all major critical threats in one device. Can be networked via RF or LAN. More product information...


Kentix AlarmManager The alarm-center, alert via e-mail, SNMP or SMS with built-in GSM modem. Weitere Produktinfos...


Kentix KeyPad Control panel for access control and arming the intrusion detection. More product information...


Kentix DoorLock Online Door Lever for networking with web or APP interface. Protects against unauthorized access, burglary and sabotage. More product information...


Leckagesensor Alerts reliably when ingress of water occurs and can easily be networked. Weitere Produktinfos...