360° Server Room Monitoring Made Easy

  • Detects up to 37 threats with just one system
  • Alerts immediately - even when the network is down
  • Network-based - ingeniously easy

Early detection of hazards – avoid failures

50% of IT failures have physical causes. In contrast to failures caused by software errors, downtime due to physical defects is usually longer and more expensive.

The Kentix MultiSensor® technology uses only a few components to detect all major hazards early on and reports them before expensive failures occur.

IT monitoring for pros

With MultiSensor® technology you can monitor up to 37 physical hazards such as overtemperature, burglary or fire – with just one system.

Field of application

  • Server room, technical rooms, IT rack

  • Data centers, container data centers

  • Critical infrastructures

  • Industry distributed plants

  • Warehouse, Logistics

Integrated systems

  • Climate monitoring

  • Burglar alarm system

  • Early fire detection

  • Power monitoring

  • Server live check

Simple control
with any browser

Monitors up to 20
physical threats

Center of alarms with
Radio, LAN and LTE

Official Kentix App for
iPhone and Android



Kentix MultiSensor-DOOR
The revolution in security technology. Intelligent 3-axis motion sensor with temperature and humidity measurement. Protects racks, cabinets or any moving objects. More product information...


Kentix OnlineAccess
Online-Doorlock for server racks for easy mounting and networking with web or APP interface. More product information... (PDF)


Kentix MultiSensor
Detects all critical risks in one device. Can be networked via RF or LAN. More product information...


Kentix AlarmManager
The alarm-center, alert via e-mail, SNMP or SMS with built-in GSM modem. More product information...


Kentix KeyPad
Control panel for access control and arming the intrusion detection. More product information...


Kentix OnlineAccess
Online-Doorlock for easy mounting and networking with web or APP interface.

Leakage sensor

Leakage sensor
Alert reliable ingress of water and can be simply networked. More product information...
Simple and secure networking via radio or existing LAN / WLAN networks.
Easy and secure control over KENTIX360 or local networks.

StarterSet-PRO: Security for distributed IT rooms

With the Kentix StarterSets you receive a complete package for a quick introduction to the innovative Kentix MultiSensor® technology. This allows you to monitor all critical physical hazards with just one system.

The StarterSet-PRO contains all the components you need for rack and room monitoring or for distributed systems. The included AlarmManager-PRO allows the system to be directly expanded with further network-compatible MultiSensors.

Kentix StarterSet-PRO