360° Server Room Monitoring Made Easy

  • Detects up to 37 threats with just one system
  • Alerts immediately - even when the network is down
  • Network-based - ingeniously easy

Early detection of hazards – avoid failures

50% of IT failures have physical causes. In contrast to failures caused by software errors, downtime due to physical defects is usually longer and more expensive.

The Kentix MultiSensor® technology uses only a few components to detect all major hazards early on and reports them before expensive failures occur.

IT monitoring for pros

With MultiSensor® technology you can monitor up to 37 physical hazards such as overtemperature, burglary or fire – with just one system.

Field of application

  • Server room, technical rooms, IT rack

  • Data centers, container data centers

  • Critical infrastructures

  • Industry distributed plants

  • Warehouse, Logistics

Integrated systems

  • Climate monitoring

  • Burglar alarm system

  • Early fire detection

  • Power monitoring

  • Server live check

Simple control
with any browser

Monitors up to 20
physical threats

Center of alarms with
Radio, LAN and LTE

Official Kentix App for
iPhone and Android

MultiSensor-LAN Front

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The AlarmManager is the central unit for all Kentix components.
All information are summarized here and then passed on to the responsible persons
via email, SMS or push notification.

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A device that detects all important physical hazards. The MultiSensor-RF runs in
conjunction with an AlarmManager (included in the StarterSet). The recorded sensor data are sent
via radio (ZigBee®) to the AlarmManager and evaluated there.
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The KeyPad with glass touch keyboard is used for access control and for arming/disarming
the AlarmManager with a numeric code or RFID token.
Battery operation makes it easy to assemble and install.

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The ultra-compact MultiSensor-DOOR detects changes in position of doors,
windows and moving objects, including climate monitoring.
Simply stick it on and connect it to an AlarmManager.
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Leakage sensor

Wave goodbye to water damage: The leakage sensor reliably alarms in the event of water ingress and can be networked as required.

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Wireless Cabinet Lock

The DoorLock cabinet lock is a simple locking solution for retrofitting IT racks and
distribution cabinets. Battery operation reduces installation to a minimum. In conjunction
with the Kentix AccessPoint, up to 1,600 rack doors can be networked and remote-controlled.

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Wireless Door Lever

The wireless door lever is compatible with almost all European lock standards.
Installation is wireless and possible without special tools and is therefore very easy to carry out.
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IP Cam

Cameras can be seamlessly integrated into Kentix systems.
A video recording parallel to alarms and events enables the rapid
assessment of critical conditions even in distributed plants.

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The Kentix PowerManager manages radio and bus-capable electricity meters.
All measured values are collected in a web-based interface. Independent alarm limits
can be defined for each measured value.

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StarterSet-PRO: Security for distributed IT rooms

With the Kentix StarterSets you receive a complete package for a quick introduction to the innovative Kentix MultiSensor® technology. This allows you to monitor all critical physical hazards with just one system.

The StarterSet-PRO contains all the components you need for rack and room monitoring or for distributed systems. The included AlarmManager-PRO allows the system to be directly expanded with further network-compatible MultiSensors.

Kentix StarterSet-PRO