SmartMetering for Data-center

  • Gapless monitoring of power supply
  • Choice of wired or wireless meters
  • Easy IP network integration

Measuring energy and monitoring the power supply – Ingeniously simple with the Kentix SmartMeter

A stable power supply is the basis of your IT and company infrastructure. The Kentix SmartMeter enable seamless monitoring and are easy to integrate into your network. The Kentix SmartMeters enable seamless monitoring and are easy to integrate into your network. The meters are managed via the Kentix PowerManager and offer full SNMP V2/ V3 support, easy setup and a web-based user interface with all important data.

The combination of PowerManager as a central unit in combination with the ZigBee radio-based SmartMeter offers enormous integration and cost advantages over wired systems. Power and fuse failures can be reliably reported using radio technology.

Possible applications:

  • data centers

  • Measurement of individual racks (A+B)

  • Customer billing Collocation

  • network monitoring

  • Technical distributor

  • PUE measurement

Monitored factors:

  • Power consumption (kWh)

  • Strom (A)

  • Voltage (V)

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Power ratings (W, VA, kVar)

  • power factor

  • mains phase failure

Connectable meter types:

  • Kentix Wireless SmartMeter

  • Meters with ModBus RTU

  • Meter with ModBus IP

  • Pulse counter via Kentix I/O module (16-channel/counter)

  • Kentix SmartPDU

The No Compromise SmartPDU – Modular Configurable Power Distribution

The new Kentix PDU series was developed in cooperation with long-standing data center customers and according to simple specifications. The aim was to develop a PDU that meets the essential requirements of a robust and fail-safe power distribution system. We have fully concentrated on the use of the most proven components from the field of power distribution and have only installed the really important functions. The result is an ultra robust PDU that meets all requirements for current measurement and monitoring and can be managed via state-of-the-art interfaces (SNMP V2/3, JSON). The wireless PDU design simplifies networking within the data center. For larger data centers in particular, there are great advantages to using the proven ZigBee wireless technology.

Ingenious – The easy management of SmartPDU

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