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//Solutions and More – Solutions Overview
Solutions and More – Solutions Overview2018-03-02T11:12:07+00:00

Get to know our Smart Building Security solutions for a safer IT infrastructure in the virtual Kentix building!

Technology container

Avoid false alarms and unnecessary drives and save costs that way! Kentix systems monitor branched out and global infrastructure and alert reliably. Find out more...

External sites

24/7 monitoring of external sites is especially important since otherwise, threats are often detected too late. You can be sure that your external sites and even branched out IT infrastructure is safe and secure against over 35 physical threats with Kentix systems. Find out more...

Data center

Close gaps in your IT security with Kentix and fulfill compliance regulations as well as the data center norm 50600. Avoid expensive and long-term outages caused by physical threats before they occur. Find out more...

Technical operation rooms

Monitor more than 35 critical environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, fire or loss of power easily and reliably with only one system, the Kentix MultiSensor® technology. Find out more...

Offices and meeting rooms

Secure your offices and meeting rooms against burglary or theft and more than 35 other physical threats as well as against unauthorized access - all from one source with Kentix. Find out more...

Infrastructure and supply rooms

Integrate your entire infrastructure such as air conditioning systems and servers in your network for one-stop monitoring of all your critical systems. Avoid outages even before they occur! Find out more...

Machine rooms

Kentix monitors all major critical parameters in your machine rooms. Secure rooms of up to 2000sqm easily, efficiently and with only one system - with Kentix. Find out more...

Control room and network operation

The Kentix MultiSensor® technology can easily be integrated in existing network monitoring systems. Kentix devices support the major monitoring and DCIM tools. Find out more...

Access control

Secure your rooms against unauthorized access, against theft and sabotage! With the Kentix DoorLock® you set up a complete, IT linkable access system with only two base components. Find out more...

The virtual Kentix Building shows you how ingeniously easy the Smart Building Security solutions by Kentix are. We offer suitable products for any room from server rooms to offices and production halls; even entrance doors, parking lots and distributed industrial sites are safe and secure with Kentix monitoring and online access solutions. Get your innovative Smart Building Security solutions all in one system now!

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