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Equipped with all Kentix products for environmental monitoring and online access control

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Product Videos “Smart Access”

DoorLock with video function

Record picture sequences at every opening or tampering with of doors for extra security.

Kentix StarterSet-DoorLock

Contains everything you need to get started on an online access control project

Kentix DoorLock-DC

See how easily and quickly the online door knob and the digital profile cylinder can be installed in existing doors

Kentix DoorLock-LE

Unboxing of the online door lever for contact-free unlocking of doors via radio

Kentix DoorLock-WA

Online wall reader with integrated radio and optional safety relay

Product Videos “Smart Monitoring”

Kentix MultiSensor-LAN

Detects 19 physical threats in the server room and rack with just one device. Stand-alone-capable or networkable, with PoE.

Kentix StarterSet-PRO

Security for distributed IT rooms according to ISO 27001 with GSM alarm center

Kentix KeyPad-Touch

Arming / disarming of alarmsystems or single alarm zones via PIN-Code or RFID-NFC