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Wall Reader
Door Lever
AccessManager AccessManager
Cabinet Lock
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Wall Reader
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Metering navigate_next Smart PDU Electicity Meter PowerAnalyser InlineMeter
LAN Power Mains 230/400VAC SmartPDU
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Cloud navigate_before Remote management via Kentix360 Cloud and Kentix App Access the systems at any time and from anywhere, check system statuses, receive and manage alarm messages
or simply open doors remotely. The Kentix360 Cloud stores all important data and routinely and independently checks the status of your Kentix monitoring or access system.
independently the status of your Kentix monitoring or access system.
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AlarmManager AlarmManager The information of the MultiSensors is collected in the AlarmManager.
The AlarmManager is installed in the server room or rack and
and forwards all alarms and fault messages to the responsible persons.
responsible persons.

The AlarmManager-PRO supports up to 500 MultiSensors and KeyPads.
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MultiSensor-RF KMS-LAN-B-angle MultiSensor-RF With the MultiSensor-RF, you get a monitoring solution for monitoring
of IT and server rooms.

The MultiSensor-RF is operated in connection with an AlarmManager
(or StarterSet).
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MultiSensor-LAN KMS-LAN-B-angle MultiSensor-LAN The MultiSensor-LAN is the ingeniously simple solution for server room monitoring.
With just one device, you can monitor your IT infrastructure for
for up to 19 physical threats.

Alarms are immediately reported via email with all information.
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MultiSensor-LAN-RF KMS-LAN-B-angle MultiSensor-LAN-RF The MultiSensor-LAN-RF with wireless gateway is the optimal entry-level solution for monitoring your server environment.
Due to the integrated web server, all necessary settings can be made
directly on the device.
In case of an alarm, the responsible persons are alerted by e-mail.
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MultiSensor-DOOR MultiSensor-DOOR Ultra-compact MultiSensor for the detection of attempted break-ins at doors, windows
and moving objects including climate monitoring.

The Multi-Sensor-DOOR is battery operated and has a very long
long battery life (up to 4 years).
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KeyPad-Touch KeyPad-Touch The KeyPad with glass touch keypad is used for arming/disarming the
AlarmManager and for access control.

The KeyPad-Touch is equipped as standard with an
RFID card reader as standard (MIFARE® DESFire®, LEGIC® advant).
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LeckageSensor-ROPE LeakageSensor-Rope The leakage sensor is connected to an AlarmManager or a MultiSensor-LAN/-RF
via Plug'n'Play and continuously records the conductivity via several electrodes.
via several electrodes.

The leakage sensor is cascadable up to 5-fold.
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DustSensor DustSensor The DustSensor is used to detect the degree of contamination in data centers,
IT racks and distributors.

The sensitivity can be adjusted directly on the sensor.
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I/O-Modul Digital I/O expansion module The I/O expansion module connects to an AlarmManager-PRO
and is used to connect external alarm messages.

Up to 32 modules (max. 500 alarm inputs) can be operated on one
AlarmManager-PRO can be operated.
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Alarmsirene Siren In the event of an alarm, the siren generates a very loud signal tone of up to 110 dB
sound pressure.
In addition to the acoustic protection, a visual alarm is triggered by a
colored flashing light by means of a colored flashing light that is visible from far away.

The connection is made via an RJ45 patch cable to the Kentix system socket.
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AccessManager AccessManager One AccessManager manages up to 16 doors and 5,000 users with time
and authorization profiles.
authorization profiles via web browser (HTTPS).

In total, up to 999 AccessManagers can be networked to a system
of over 15,000 doors can be networked.
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AccessManager SmartRelay AccessManager SmartRelay The SmartRelay (PoE) forms the central unit with network connection.
Management takes place centrally via the integrated web server.

The Smart Relay communicates via a bus connection
with the IP wall reader.
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Funk Türknauf Wireless Door Knob The wireless doorknob can be installed without much effort and is suitable for use in all
in all conventional locks for DIN Euro profile.

Various RFID media in MIFARE® DESFire® technology are available as keys.
technology are available.
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Funk Türdrücker Wireless Door Lever The wireless lever handle is compatible with almost all European lock standards.

Its operation is intuitive thanks to clear LED signaling.
It also offers numerous practical functions
such as time switches/day release switches or continuous engagement.
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Funk Schrankschloss Online Schrankschloss frontal Wireless Cabinet Lock
The wireless cabinet lock offers a simple locking solution for converting
of IT racks and distribution cabinets. The battery operation reduces
installation to a minimum.

The lock can be adapted to almost any IT rack by adapters.
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Funk Wandleser Wandleser schwarz Wireless Wall Reader The wall reader is suitable e.g. for electric door openers, electric locks,
electric door and gate drives or elevators.

Locking authorizations can be assigned from a central point
and can be accessed at exposed, remote locations.
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IP Wandleser IP Wall Reader and IP Wall Reader OD The IP wall readers enable access control by means of RFID medium
or alternatively via PIN entry.

Two-factor authentication is also possible.
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PowerManager Kentix PowerManager PowerManager The Kentix PowerManager manages wireless, IP and bus-capable
electricity meters. All measured values are collected in a web-based
interface. For each measured value, independent
limit values for alarming can be defined for each measured value.
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SmartPDU SmartPDU The Kentix SmartPDU series is designed as a modular PDU, based on the highest
standards of electrical engineering.

The SmartPDU is used for calibrated and approved current measurements
according to EN50470-3 (MID) for cost-accurate customer billing.
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Inline Meter Inline Meter Funk-Nebenstellenzähler zur einfachen Integration von Verbrauchern in der
IT-Infrastruktur Ideal zur Messung von Rack-PDU, USV, Klimasystemen oder gebäudetechnischer Anlagen.

Der Inline Meter ist auch für große Rechenzentren mit hunderten Racks
geeignet. Verfügbar für 16 A und 32 A (1- und 3-phasig).
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Stromzähler und PA Stromzähler und Power Analyser Funk-Nebenstellenzähler zur einfachen Integration von Verbrauchern
in der IT-Infrastruktur Ideal zur Messung von Rack-PDU, USV, Klimasystemen oder gebäudetechnischer Anlagen.

Der Inline Meter ist auch für große Rechenzentren mit hunderten Racks
geeignet. Verfügbar für 16 A und 32 A (1- und 3-phasig).
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Easy Deployment Kentix OS Logo Easy Setup Easy Operation Free
Software Updates
Integrated software
through web GUI

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Alarm center
MultiSensor-TI MultiSensor-TI The MultiSensor-TI is the latest MultiSensor technology with integrated
thermal image sensor for the monitoring of critical plant conditions, early fire
early fire detection and people counting.
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