410, 2023

Video surveillance in companies: Principles, legal and physical security with Kentix

The basics of video surveillance in companies Companies face the challenge of protecting their employees, assets and resources from potential threats. In this context, video surveillance plays a crucial role. By using cameras, potential threats can be detected and preventive measures can be taken. But what about the legal aspects? And how can video surveillance be used effectively while ensuring physical security? […]

1409, 2023

Data centre security: with just one system – Kentix

Security goes digital! In today’s digital world, data centre and data centre security is of great importance. With the increasing threat of cybercrime and data breaches, it is more important than ever that companies effectively protect their IT infrastructure. […]

910, 2017

New product IP Wall Reader: Access control with IP video integration

We just launched our IP Wall Reader in October, featuring an illuminated touch-pin-pad. It complements our access control system Kentix DoorLock® with a tethered version. Now, an access management system for doors that cannot be connected to a radio-integrated solution can quickly and easily be established. Opening doors is only possible with sufficient authorization and if desired, IP cameras can be integrated in order to increase physical security on the premises. Furthermore, a tethered access solution can now easily be connected with a radio-integrated version to one centrally administered system. […]

1207, 2017

Efficient IT Rack Monitoring – In 3 Easy Steps

Successfully planning and implementing IT infrastructures also includes a well thought-out usage of IT and distribution cabinets. They contain high quality server and network technology that has to be physically secured – in order to avoid theft or tampering with sensitive data on the one hand, and on the other hand in order to keep mission-critical IT processes running flawlessy. Find out how easy it can be to guarantee the physical security of server racks and to fulfill regulatory requirements. […]

2906, 2017

Access Control Online Or Offline – How To Best Meet Your Needs

Most companies have one goal in common: The premises are to be protected against burglary, theft and unauthorized access as comprehensively as possible. Quite often, however, the actual implementation of this project is their weak point. The question that comes up first is, which access solution best suits my needs? First and foremost, the entrepreneur has to make an important choice: Access control online or offline – and what actually is the difference? […]

1906, 2017

Effective Access Management: Kentix DoorLock Now Integrates Active Directory

We have made the access management for our online access control system Kentix DoorLock even better –  by enabling the integration of the directory services Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAP. The authorization accounts within the Kentix DoorLock system can now simply be imported and synchronized via the directory services AD or LDAP. Access authorization can therefore be managed centrally and is now even easier than before. Access is simply granted or denied with the help of user profiles and an according RFID medium. […]

3003, 2017

IT Safety Act: How municipal utilities tackle the new challenge

Electrical power supply is a central part of mission-critical infrastructures. Outages or disturbances of these infrastructures have severe consequences and immediate effects on the other sectors and therefore on the state, economy and society. That is why they have to be secured safely and reliably so that outages can be prevented before they even occur. The new IT Safety Act has established a legal basis for the IT security of mission-critical infrastructure. Municipal utilities all over the European Union are now facing the challenge of fulfilling these compliance regulations. […]

2803, 2017

Access securely linked across the entire hospital

Especially in critical areas such as the healthcare sector, there are many regulatory requirements for the security of IT infrastructures and data protection in effect. Particularly patient data needs to be reliably secured at all times. Unauthorized access to critical areas can quickly lead to high and sometimes irrevocable damage. That is why appropriate safety measures are important which will, at best, prevent any disturbance before it even happens and alarm the responsible persons in case of an emergency. A smart access control system such as the Kentix DoorLock® offers protection against burglary, sabotage and [...]

1003, 2017

New product: Online Cabinet Lock with RFID and long-lasting battery

Kentix has launched a new product: The Online Cabinet Lock. It can easily be mounted in merely any standard IT or distribution cabinet, without great effort. Opening the cabinet door is only possibly with sufficient authorization via a RFID medium. IT racks and distribution cabinets are then efficiently protected against unauthorized access. […]

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