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IT Safety Act: How municipal utilities tackle the new challenge

Electrical power supply is a central part of mission-critical infrastructures. Outages or disturbances of these infrastructures have severe consequences and immediate effects on the other sectors and therefore on the state, economy and society. That is why they have to be secured safely and reliably so that outages can be prevented before they even occur. The new IT Safety Act has established a legal basis for the IT security of mission-critical infrastructure. Municipal utilities all over the European Union are now facing the challenge of fulfilling these compliance regulations. (more…)

IT Safety Act: How municipal utilities tackle the new challenge2017-04-04T09:26:33+02:00

Access securely linked across the entire hospital

Especially in critical areas such as the healthcare sector, there are many regulatory requirements for the security of IT infrastructures and data protection in effect. Particularly patient data needs to be reliably secured at all times. Unauthorized access to critical areas can quickly lead to high and sometimes irrevocable damage. That is why appropriate safety measures are important which will, at best, prevent any disturbance before it even happens and alarm the responsible persons in case of an emergency. A smart access control system such as the Kentix DoorLock® offers protection against burglary, sabotage and non authorized access to laboratories, practices, medicine cabinets, IT rooms and other critical areas – all with just one system. (more…)

Access securely linked across the entire hospital2018-02-27T16:47:02+01:00

Kentix Excels in Fiber POP sites

The point of presence (POP) acts as the starting point for the optical fiber path to the subscriber. The main functions of this “access node” include: to house all active transmission equipment from the telecom provider, to manage all fiber terminations and to facilitate the interconnection between optical fibers and active equipment. Optical networking equipment carries information using light waves via fiber optic cables. Large amounts of data are transmitted. Network operators deploy systems to carry communications between continents, across countries, between cities and within large metropolitan areas. Growth in bandwidth-intensive services – like streaming high-definition videos, mobile broadband and the growth of Cloud Services – is driving the need for increased bandwidth. (more…)

Kentix Excels in Fiber POP sites2017-04-10T09:52:17+02:00

Kentix in Africa – IT-Monitoring in Nairobi

Kenya Kazi Services Ltd. is the largest security company in Central Africa. Around 24.000 employees work here to provide security for companies or at official receptions in all of Eastern and Central Africa. The ever growing IT infrastructure of the company is, however, faced with many threats in Africa. That is why Kenya Kazi Services Ltd. has decided to install a system for 360° environmental monitoring and therefore secure its IT which is so important for the daily workflow and business processes. (more…)

Kentix in Africa – IT-Monitoring in Nairobi2017-04-24T09:39:34+02:00

Access securely linked on the entire factory premises

The building company Steffen Holzbau with its head office in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, is, according to its slogan, building the future. Since the foundation in 1991, the factory premises have been continually expanded. By now, in addition to an arch model house serving as the office block, there are a workshop and a passive house as well. In order to secure the high-quality sites against burglary, theft and tampering, Steffen Holzbau is now counting on the smart access control system by Kentix, the Kentix DoorLock®. Due to the overall integration, all critical areas are now protected against non authenticated access with only one system, from the parking lot with its gate all the way into the server room.


Access securely linked on the entire factory premises2018-03-07T14:57:22+01:00

Kentix MultiSensor system clears the way for Alistair Group trucks

With more than 120 vehicles the logistics company Alistair Group transports consumer goods for the mining and oil industry within East, Central and South Africa. For a smooth as possible workflow, all trucks are equipped with tracking systems that are connected to the company-owned Control Center. With the Kentix MultiSensor alarming systems, the logistics expert ensures 24/7 availability of the Control Center. The monitoring solution observes physical threats that put the IT environment at risk such as fire, leakage or unauthorized access and sabotage. (more…)

Kentix MultiSensor system clears the way for Alistair Group trucks2018-02-28T08:40:08+01:00

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