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New product IP Wall Reader: Access control with IP video integration

We just launched our IP Wall Reader in October, featuring an illuminated touch-pin-pad. It complements our access control system Kentix DoorLock® with a tethered version. Now, an access management system for doors that cannot be connected to a radio-integrated solution can quickly and easily be established. Opening doors is only possible with sufficient authorization and if desired, IP cameras can be integrated in order to increase physical security on the premises. Furthermore, a tethered access solution can now easily be connected with a radio-integrated version to one centrally administered system. (more…)

New product IP Wall Reader: Access control with IP video integration2017-11-29T15:54:54+01:00

May we introduce: The new enhanced MultiSensor-DOOR

Our innovative door sensor in mini-format with its 6 integrated sensors secures your rooms against burglary, tampering and critical climate factors. Installing the sensor is easy: Simply affix it on doors and windows. In the past months we have worked hard to make it even better. Now, the MultiSensor-DOOR offers not only a new optimized design, but also several improved functions. (more…)

May we introduce: The new enhanced MultiSensor-DOOR2017-04-07T09:17:56+02:00

Access securely linked on the entire factory premises

The building company Steffen Holzbau with its head office in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, is, according to its slogan, building the future. Since the foundation in 1991, the factory premises have been continually expanded. By now, in addition to an arch model house serving as the office block, there are a workshop and a passive house as well. In order to secure the high-quality sites against burglary, theft and tampering, Steffen Holzbau is now counting on the smart access control system by Kentix, the Kentix DoorLock®. Due to the overall integration, all critical areas are now protected against non authenticated access with only one system, from the parking lot with its gate all the way into the server room.


Access securely linked on the entire factory premises2018-03-07T14:57:22+01:00

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