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Efficient IT Rack Monitoring – In 3 Easy Steps

IT Rack Monitoring

Successfully planning and implementing IT infrastructures also includes a well thought-out usage of IT and distribution cabinets. They contain high quality server and network technology that has to be physically secured – in order to avoid theft or tampering with sensitive data on the one hand, and on the other hand in order to keep mission-critical IT processes running flawlessy. Find out how easy it can be to guarantee the physical security of server racks and to fulfill regulatory requirements. (more…)

Efficient IT Rack Monitoring – In 3 Easy Steps2017-07-12T11:01:28+02:00

New product: Online Cabinet Lock with RFID and long-lasting battery

Kentix has launched a new product: The Online Cabinet Lock. It can easily be mounted in merely any standard IT or distribution cabinet, without great effort. Opening the cabinet door is only possibly with sufficient authorization via a RFID medium. IT racks and distribution cabinets are then efficiently protected against unauthorized access. (more…)

New product: Online Cabinet Lock with RFID and long-lasting battery2017-04-03T14:47:08+02:00

Kentix in Africa – IT-Monitoring in Nairobi

Kenya Kazi Services Ltd. is the largest security company in Central Africa. Around 24.000 employees work here to provide security for companies or at official receptions in all of Eastern and Central Africa. The ever growing IT infrastructure of the company is, however, faced with many threats in Africa. That is why Kenya Kazi Services Ltd. has decided to install a system for 360° environmental monitoring and therefore secure its IT which is so important for the daily workflow and business processes. (more…)

Kentix in Africa – IT-Monitoring in Nairobi2017-04-24T09:39:34+02:00

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