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The new AlarmManager – Why a change is worthwhile.

With the new, second generation AlarmManager and MultiSensors, we have further expanded our MultiSensor technology and prepared for upcoming development in the next few years. The first generation has now been replaced after 8 years and tens of thousands of devices. (more…)

The new AlarmManager – Why a change is worthwhile.2018-07-13T15:29:06+02:00

EU-GDPR: Physical IT safety is also data security

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, in short EU-GDPR, comes into force in May 2018 and will fundamentally change the Federal Data Protection Act. This poses a major challenge for companies, as non-compliance can result in millions in fines. It is not only important to observe the clear consent to receive e-mails, but also physical IT security must be brought to fruition. But what does physical IT security have to do with data protection according to EU GDPR? (more…)

EU-GDPR: Physical IT safety is also data security2018-03-09T10:24:28+01:00

Leakage Monitoring 2.0 with the Kentix Leakage Sensors

Water ingress in the form of flooding usually causes the affected devices to give in and break down. But even small leakages can lead to defects or disturbances in the workflow. Ever so often they are hidden, for example underneath an air conditioning unit, and therefore can be detected quite late. The Kentix leakage sensors have the remedy for this predicament. (more…)

Leakage Monitoring 2.0 with the Kentix Leakage Sensors2017-04-19T10:36:06+02:00

May we introduce: The new enhanced MultiSensor-DOOR

Our innovative door sensor in mini-format with its 6 integrated sensors secures your rooms against burglary, tampering and critical climate factors. Installing the sensor is easy: Simply affix it on doors and windows. In the past months we have worked hard to make it even better. Now, the MultiSensor-DOOR offers not only a new optimized design, but also several improved functions. (more…)

May we introduce: The new enhanced MultiSensor-DOOR2017-04-07T09:17:56+02:00

Kentix in Africa – IT-Monitoring in Nairobi

Kenya Kazi Services Ltd. is the largest security company in Central Africa. Around 24.000 employees work here to provide security for companies or at official receptions in all of Eastern and Central Africa. The ever growing IT infrastructure of the company is, however, faced with many threats in Africa. That is why Kenya Kazi Services Ltd. has decided to install a system for 360° environmental monitoring and therefore secure its IT which is so important for the daily workflow and business processes. (more…)

Kentix in Africa – IT-Monitoring in Nairobi2017-04-24T09:39:34+02:00

Kentix MultiSensor system clears the way for Alistair Group trucks

With more than 120 vehicles the logistics company Alistair Group transports consumer goods for the mining and oil industry within East, Central and South Africa. For a smooth as possible workflow, all trucks are equipped with tracking systems that are connected to the company-owned Control Center. With the Kentix MultiSensor alarming systems, the logistics expert ensures 24/7 availability of the Control Center. The monitoring solution observes physical threats that put the IT environment at risk such as fire, leakage or unauthorized access and sabotage. (more…)

Kentix MultiSensor system clears the way for Alistair Group trucks2018-02-28T08:40:08+01:00

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