The Ahrtal Residence in Bad Neuenahr, Germany, is a senior citizens’ residence in charming surroundings. The residents remain independent in their way of living here. At the same time, they enjoy a high level of security and comfort. However, the existing fire alarm system had become outdated, did not comply with regulatory requirements and had to be renewed. One of the main specifications was to avoid cabling work so that the tenants would not be disturbed by construction and the according noise and dirt.

Kentix MultiSensor® technology combined with wireless fire detectors provides reliable fire protection

The Ahrtal residence offers different comfortable service apartments, a nursing care living area with spacious single or double rooms and a team that aspires to make daily routines as easy as possible for the tenants and to cater to their individual needs.

Altogether, the Ahrtal residence offers 64 apartments that are available with the following amenities:

• 1 bedroom apartments with up to 43qm

• 2 bedroom apartments with up to 68qm

• 3 bedroom apartments with up to 67qm

  • Penthouse with 3 rooms and 93qm

A radio-networked fire detection system was to be installed. In doing so, each apartment was to be defined as a single fire zone. All apartments or fire zones respectively are to be centrally connected and administered via the central unit for all apartments. Each alarm message in case of fire is also supposed to be sent to previously determined recipients or responsible persons via SMS, e-mail and as a push message.

The apartments are distributed over three construction sections in the building. Each section contains up to four floors. Together with our Gold Partner EE-Solutions and also the municipal regulatory authority, we developed a wireless fire detection system according to the individual demands.

Fast implementation and easy administration of the system

In each hallway of the Ahrtal residence a Kentix MultiSensor-RF was installed for the connection to the wireless fire alarms. In order to do so, each apartment or fire zone respectively was provided with the according wireless fire alarm.

One of the fire alarms installed in the apartment was equipped with an Input/Output Module (E/A-Module) containing the wireless module.

This wireless module passes on the alarm message to the according MultiSensor-RF in case of fire.

Each floor was equipped with a Multisensor -LAN-RF for the communication between the single Multisensor-RF in the hallways. This Multisensor-LAN-RF has a direct LAN connection to the AlarmManager in the central. Interruptions or disturbances of the single radio connections are also reported to the responsible persons immediately via the configured communication channels.

The AlarmManager offers customized configuration possibilities for each alarm zone and for the responsible persons.

The implementation of the project was quick and smooth and satisfied the customer and the tenants alike.

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