Logo-Kentix-CloudWith Kentix360 we present the first cloud-based security center for the monitoring of IT infrastructure. As an IT administrator you will get all important information about the security state of your IT environment – anytime and anywhere. With Kentix360 also critical applications in industry 4.0, logistics and supply can be monitored even more effectively.
Through the cloud solution users will be informed on any device – via mobile or tablet – about all states of the IT environment and any resulting risks and can respond as quickly as possible. Even in critical situations alarms will be reliably delivered. In addition to SMS, SNMP also e-mail and push notifications to the Kentix mobile app (for Android and IOS) are available for a redundant alarming. The integrated e-mail function of Kentix360 also works as a redundant signaling channel in combination with your own mail server. Kentix360 also recalls you for a routinely inspection of the system and regularly checks all system components for functionality.The cloud service is now available for all Kentix MultiSensor systems. The Kentix MultiSensor technology allows monitoring of various critical threats – temperature, humidity, fire, motion and more – with a single functional unit, the MultiSensor.

Other functions of Kentix360 are for example: turning the integrated intrusion detection system remotely on or off, retrieve logs of the last 24 months or recorded temperature curves. The Kentix360 cloud service is easily set up via the Kentix Control Center – the software for the configuration and operation of the monitoring system. All important functions of Kentix360 can be centrally controlled via the ControlCenter. The own Kentix360 ID and the encrypted transmission between all end devices always ensure the maximum safety.

Reliable alarming even in case of a network failure

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria all Kentix Sets are delivered with an integrated SIM card from Deutsche Telekom. After registering for the Kentix360 cloud service a starting contingent of 600 redundant alarm SMS is included. The advantage: Even with a network failure alarm messages will still be send. With this the Kentix Sets secure server rooms against all critical threats.