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Kentix MultiSensor® Technology One system that secures you against over-temperature, burglary, fire and other 35 critical threats - even for small budgets!

Thomas Fritz, CEO

◼︎ Detects over 35 threats in the server room
◼︎ Alerts instantly - even when network is down
◼︎ Ingeniously simple


The ingenious Kentix MultiSensor® Technology

Detects 19 critical threats !

Detects all critical threats in the server-room - with just one device


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Solutions Overview

50% of all IT blackouts are caused by physical threats!

About 50% of the IT system failures have their cause in the infrastructure or in human errors.
The system and data recovery requires an average of 4 hours.
In this respect, early and realtime messaging of the threats is recognized and essential.
Recovery processes are expensive and avoidable!
The use of an environmental monitoring system that detects all major critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, voltage, movement and more, should be a standard in any computing environment; whether small server-room, data-center or distributed infrastructure.
Close the gap in your IT security and meet the requirements of the ISO27000 with Kentix.

Detects all threats

Kentix systems detects over 35 different threats in the IT infrastructure and thereby requires only very few system components. Individual solutions such as temperature sensors, burglar alarm systems or fire alarm systems are things of the past.

Instant alerting

Ideally threats are detected so quickly that they don’t lead to expensive failures. Real-time information and redundant messaging are a must for the IT responsibles at all times.

Ingeniously simple

Safety technology must be easy to use and to configure. Complexity causes errors.
We place great importance in our development on easy component networking and handling of our systems.


Kentix MultiSensor-RACK Detects all major risks in the IT rack as early as possible. Furthermore it measures power and analyse voltage with the integrated PDU. More product information...


Kentix MultiSensor-RACK-MINI The revolution in security technology. Intelligent 3-axis motion sensor with temperature and humidity measurement. Protects racks, cabinets or any moving objects. More product information...


Kentix MultiSensor Detects all critical risks in one device. Can be networked via RF or LAN. More product information...


Kentix AlarmManager The alarm-center, alert via e-mail, SNMP or SMS with built-in GSM modem. More product information...


Kentix KeyPad Control panel for access control and arming the intrusion detection. More product information...

Leakage sensor

Leckagesensor Alert reliable ingress of water and can be simply networked. More product information...
Simple and secure networking via radio or existing LAN / WLAN networks.
Easy and secure control over KENTIX360 or local networks.
Check your server room!

360° environmental monitoring with PC, Tablet or Smartphone

  • Configuration of all components
  • Available free of charge for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • All data and system states on one clearly arranged dashboard
  • Easy control without additional software
  • Arming/disarming of integrated intrusion system
  • Realtime values and history
  • Works with all web-browsers
  • Easy arming/disarming by App
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Alarm via SMS or PUSH notification
  • Always and everywhere available
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Visit us and experience Kentix live!

Kentix is always on the road, bringing know-how and expertise in the IT-security field to you. We’ve been represented at the Data Center World, the Connected Security Expo and DataCenter Dynamics for example. Moreover, Brooklyn Supply, wholesale distributor of security products in Brookyln and Long Island, holds hands-on Kentix sessions on a regular basis. For more information or a list of events coming up, just contact us! We will be happy to meet you at one of our next upcoming events.

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Heeter Corp. defies the weather with Kentix IT monitoring solution

“We are monitoring the entire area of the server room, as well as down into server racks, all environmental conditions always.”
(Mic McDevitt, IT administrator)

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360° IT security for Telia Sonera with Kentix physical monitoring

“I just want it on my phone.” – for 24/7 IT monitoring and knowing your server rooms are secure – any time, any where.
(Joe Cona, facilities manager)

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