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360° Smart Building Security

◼︎ All-in-One environmental monitoring
◼︎ Protects against over 35 threats
◼︎ IT based - ingeniously easy

Secure your server room against more than 35 physical threats – with only one system!

50% of all IT blackouts are caused by physical threats!

We offer you the ideal solution for the physical security of your IT infrastructure. The advantage lies in the Kentix MultiSensor® technology, an all-in-one solution that detects all major threats with only one sensor and sends out alerts instantly before they lead to expensive blackouts. Kentix products are completely IT based and are easily integrated even in distributed IT infrastructure.

Close the gap in your IT security and meet the ISO27000 with Kentix solutions.

Unlike outages that are caused by software errors, the downtime with physical defects is usually longer and more expensive. Common threats in your server room and IT rack are:

  • Over temperature
  • Power outage or UPS errors
  • Fire or smoldering fire
  • Water leakage
  • Burglary and theft
  • Human errors

Kentix monitoring solutions offer you a 360° environmental monitoring for a higher availability of your IT and a maximum of security in your server room or data center.

  • Climate monitoring
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Early fire detection
  • Power monitoring
  • Access system
  • Server live check

Why should you choose the environmental monitoring system from Kentix?

All-in-One: Detects over 35 threats

Kentix monitoring systems detect over 35 physical threats in your IT infrastructure with only few components. With our all-in-one solution you can easily replace several individual solutions such as temperature sensors, burglar alarm systems or fire alarm systems and thus save about two-thirds of the usual cost.

Instant alerts – even when network fails

Ideally, threats are detected right away so that they don’t lead to expensive failures in your IT. Real-time information and redundant messaging such as text messages or PUSH messages are an essential element of our AlarmManagers. That way, you receive alarms even when the in-house network of your company is down.

Ingeniously simple

Electronic safety technology must be easy to use and to configure. Complexity causes errors.
We place great importance in our development on easy component networking to make the handling of our systems as easy as possible for you.

Kentix proudly presents: Our bestsellers and most popular services!

Secure server rooms of up to 200sqft
with only one system


One device protects your IT
against all major physical threats


KENTIX360 Cloud:
The security central for your coat pocket
to monitor your system any time

KENTIX360 Cloud Service

The easiest way to get started on your next physical security project: The StarterSet-BASIC contains everything you need to monitor IT rooms of up to 200sqft. One system reliably detects all major threats to the IT infrastructure and instantly alarms the responsible persons. It can be upgraded with additional MultiSensors or other monitoring tools such as our leakage sensor or our alarm siren, if required.

Our ingenious MultiSensor-LAN combines all your single alarm systems into one. It is a fire and water detector, climate controller and burglary alarm all in one. This doesn’t only spare your budget, but also your nerves, since combining many different systems isn’t always a smooth process. With the MultiSensor-LAN, you get smooth integration into existing networks guaranteed.

With the KENTIX360 Cloud Service, you can monitor and control your entire IT infrastructure any time and any where. You won’t need additional external providers anymore. And the best part is: When you activate your KENTIX360 Cloud Service now, the first 30 days are free and non-binding!

Buy it here!
Buy it here!
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Find out more details in the Kentix server room!


Kentix MultiSensor-RACK Detects all major risks in the IT rack as early as possible. Furthermore it measures power and analyse voltage with the integrated PDU. More product information...


Kentix MultiSensor-RACK-MINI The revolution in security technology. Intelligent motion sensor with temperature and humidity measurement. Protects racks, cabinets or any moving objects. More product information...


Kentix MultiSensor Detects all major critical risks in one device. Can be networked via RF or LAN. More product information...


Kentix AlarmManager The alarm center, sends alerts via e-mail, SNMP or SMS with built-in GSM modem. More product information...


Kentix KeyPad Control panel for access control and for arming/disarming the alarm system via the AlarmManager. More product information...

Leakage sensor

Leakagesensor Reliably detects ingress of water and can easily be networked. More product information...
Simple and secure networking via radio or existing LAN / WLAN networks.
Easy and secure control over KENTIX360 or local networks.

360° environmental monitoring with PC, Tablet or Smartphone

  • Configuration of all components
  • Available free of charge for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • All data and system states on one clearly arranged dashboard
  • Easy control without additional software
  • Arming/disarming of integrated intrusion system
  • Realtime values and history
  • Works with all web-browsers
  • Easy arming/disarming by App
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Alarm via SMS or PUSH notification
  • Always and everywhere available
  • de_app_rgb_wo_45Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_DE_130x39

Recommendations are worth more than 1,000 words.

Heeter Corp. defies the weather with Kentix IT monitoring solution

“We are monitoring the entire area of the server room, as well as down into server racks, all environmental conditions always.”
(Mic McDevitt, IT administrator)

Read the full success story here.

360° IT security for Telia Sonera with Kentix physical monitoring

“I just want it on my phone.” – for 24/7 IT monitoring and knowing your server rooms are secure – any time, any where.
(Joe Cona, facilities manager)

Read the full success story here.


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