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Welcome to the Kentix Blog!

Blog 2017-10-22T22:12:05+00:00
1910, 2017

Kentix MultiSensor-LAN Wins IT Product Of The Year Award

We are proud to announce that the Kentix MultiSensor-LAN has won the funkschau Reader’s Choice Award for the IT Product Of The Year 2017 in the category Physical Security. It detects up to 19 physical threats in rooms and racks with just one device and alarms instantly. (more…)

910, 2017

New Product: Access Control Made Easy With The IP Wall Reader With IP Video Integration

We just launched our IP Wall Reader in October, featuring an illuminated touch-pin-pad. Opening doors is only possible with sufficient authorization and if desired, IP cameras can be integrated in order to increase physical security on the premises. Furthermore, a tethered access solution can now easily be connected with a radio-integrated version to one centrally administered system. (more…)

1909, 2017

Kentix Partner Day 2017 – Digitalization, future trends and wine sensor technology

September 14 was trend sniffing time – time for the Kentix Partner Day 2017! We are excited that we can draw an overall positive conclusion from our exclusive partner event. A mix of face-to-face contacts, lots of digitalization and new future-oriented products, home-made gin and wine sensor technology – here is a review of our informative yet fun Kentix Partner Day 2017.  (more…)

1207, 2017

Effective IT Rack Monitoring – In 3 Easy Steps

IT Rack Monitoring

Successfully planning and implementing IT infrastructures also includes a well thought-out usage of IT and distribution cabinets. They contain high quality server and network technology that has to be physically secured – in order to avoid theft or tampering with sensitive data on the one hand, and on the other hand in order to keep mission-critical IT processes running flawlessy. Find out how easy it can be to guarantee the physical security of server racks and to fulfill regulatory requirements. (more…)

1904, 2017

Leakage Monitoring 2.0 with the Kentix Leakage Sensors

Water ingress in the form of flooding usually causes the affected devices to give in and break down. But even small leakages can lead to defects or disturbances in the workflow. Ever so often they are hidden, for example underneath an air conditioning unit, and therefore can be detected quite late. The Kentix leakage sensors have the remedy for this predicament. (more…)

404, 2017

IT Safety Act: How municipal utilities tackle the new challenge

Electrical power supply is a central part of mission-critical infrastructures. Outages or disturbances of these infrastructures have severe consequences and immediate effects on the other sectors and therefore on the state, economy and society. That is why they have to be secured safely and reliably so that outages can be prevented before they even occur. The new IT Safety Act has established a legal basis for the IT security of mission-critical infrastructure. Municipal utilities all over the European Union are now facing the challenge of fulfilling these compliance regulations. (more…)

3001, 2017

Kentix Excels in Fiber POP sites

The point of presence (POP) acts as the starting point for the optical fiber path to the subscriber. The main functions of this “access node” include: to house all active transmission equipment from the telecom provider, to manage all fiber terminations and to facilitate the interconnection between optical fibers and active equipment. Optical networking equipment carries information using light waves via fiber optic cables. Large amounts of data are transmitted. Network operators deploy systems to carry communications between continents, across countries, between cities and within large metropolitan areas. Growth in bandwidth-intensive services – like streaming high-definition videos, mobile broadband and the growth of Cloud Services – is driving the need for increased bandwidth. (more…)

1611, 2016

Certified according to ISO27001: All-round secure Data Center Monitoring

The demand for wholesome solutions for modern data centers is increasing rapidly among potential data center customers. Especially in the face of the continuously growing digitalization, data centers are expected to keep up while remaining clearly arranged. phi Medien Systeme GmbH, certified Kentix partner, offers its customers just these kinds of universal IT solutions. They have just now implemented a special project worth mentioning: A monitoring solution for their own data center including a certification according to the international standard of the ISO27001. The ISO27001 is based on the catalogue of measures by the BSI and thus complies with regulatory requirements to IT security. (more…)