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Detects 19 dangers !

Learn about the advantages of the ingenious Kentix MultiSensor® Technology

The ingenious Kentix MultiSensor® technology

All sensors that you need for your monitoring are already integrated into the Kentix MultiSensor. For an easy start-up, all you have to do is connect a patch or modular cable. The complicated wiring of single sensors for e.g. temperature or carbon monoxide is obsolete.
External sensors such as leakage detectors or alarm sirens can be easily plugged into the MultiSensor.

Network bound MultiSensors can be operated separately (stand-alone). However, there is always the option of combining multiple sensors to one system as well. For this, a parent device is used as a controller – the Kentix AlarmManager.

We have the appropriate MultiSensor® for any purpose

Extremely high and easy scalability for distributed infrastructure

In the AlarmManager all information of the MultiSensors converge. The AlarmManager is installed in the server room and forwards all alarm and fault messages to the responsible persons. All alarm and system messages are stored in the internal log memory. The configuration is done with a comfortable PC app via LAN.

The AlarmManager can manage up to 100 MultiSensors and KeyPads. Up to 100 user accounts can be created.

The Kentix AlarmManager

With the Alarm Manager, the scope of a Kentix system can be expanded as required. Examples of applications are e.g.:

  • Environmental monitoring of server rooms, data centers and infrastructure
  • Data logging for several months
  • Early error detection
  • Climate monitoring of IT rooms and racks
  • Integration in network monitoring systems via SNMP
  • Monitoring of distributed infrastructure

Monitor the entire infrastructure easily with Kentix360

We make the monitoring of your infrastructure easier and much more effective. With Kentix360 you can use the information on the security status of your IT environment anytime and anywhere – it´s the security center for your pocket. Also, other critical applications in industry 4.0, logistics and supply can thus be monitored more effectively. The advantage is the significantly faster flow of information about critical conditions and resulting risks, and the fastest possible response to avoid critical system states.

Learn more about Kentix360…


The Kentix ControlCenter – Details

An easy-to-use PC-App is available free of charge for the configuration of your Kentix system – the Kentix ControlCenter.
With this app, you install all the MultiSensors in use on the AlarmManager and define the threshold values for each sensor.

You can also determine who will be informed in case of an alarm and how the message is sent.

Kentix ControlCenter

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On the next page we will explain with the help of screenshots the functionality and features of the Kentix Control Center. Hereby, you easily manage your entire Kentix system via computer, tablet or smartphone app.
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