Find out just how easy it is to integrate the ingenious Kentix MultiSensor® Technology into network monitoring systems in order to seamlessly monitor your entire IT infrastructure.

Gapless IT infrastructure monitoring

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Easily integrate network monitoring tools into your physical IT monitoring system

Kentix MultiSensor® technology provides the data for your network monitoring

With one single device, the Kentix MultiSensor® technology monitors all important physical hazards in rooms and racks such as critical climate factors, fire or burglary. The various measurement and alarm values are provided via SNMP and can be integrated into your network monitoring solution very easily using the SNMP Management Information Base (MIB). Kentix devices support all major monitoring and DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) tools such as PRTG, Nagios or WhatsUp Gold. See below for a complete list.

Environmental monitoring + Network monitoring = Complete solution for IT security

A combination of effective network and environmental monitoring is essential for the compliance of regulatory requirements and for a smooth operation of the company IT. With Kentix, you simply integrate the desired network monitoring tool into your environmental monitoring and thus establish a complete solution for monitoring your entire IT infrastructure. The advantage: Due to the connection with the Kentix 360 Cloud, you have your entire IT at a glance, any time and any where. Physical threats are being reported even before they occur which gives you the chance to prevent expensive outages at best completely – for a higher IT availability and a better cost effectiveness.

SNMP Support

  • Complete MIB for all integrated sensors
  • Alarm-Traps supported
  • Querying and integration of all measurement values in Network monitoring systems

HTTP Support

  • Data exchange via XML
  • HTTP commands for SMS sending (integrated SMS gateway)
  • HTTP triggering of IP cameras

We have the appropriate MultiSensor® for any purpose

Extremely high and easy scalability for distributed infrastructure

SNMP capable MultiSensor – replaces 7 conventional sensors

The optimum entry solution as a standalone sensor with comprehensive monitoring functionality and full SNMP V2 support. The MultiSensor-LAN can be operated either as a standalone solution or in combination with an AlarmManager-PRO (or StarterSet-PRO). The MultiSensor-LAN is powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and has an integrated web server.

SNMP capable MultiSensor for the rack – replaces 10 conventional sensors

The MultiSensor-RACK can be operated either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with an AlarmManager-PRO (or StarterSet-PRO).
The MultiSensor-RACK monitors all critical threats in the IT rack and additionally analyzes current and voltage via the integrated PDU.
The integrated web server ensures an intuitive operation and configuration.

SNMP capable alarm system with integrated GSM modem

The AlarmManager combines all information that the MultiSensors convey. The AlarmManager is installed in the server room and forwards all alarm and fault messages to the responsible persons.
The configuration is done with a comfortable PC app via LAN. All system messages are stored in the internal log memory. The AlarmManager-PRO can manage up to 100 MultiSensors.

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Kentix AlarmManager-PRO as an SMS gateway for PRTG, Nagios and Co.

The Kentix AlarmManager combines all the information that the MultiSensors convey. In addition to alerts via SNMP and E-mail the AlarmManager can also inform you via SMS using the integrated GSM modem.

The AlarmManager can also be used as an SMS or PUSH gateway for all occurring alarms in your network monitoring system. For this a simple HTTP API is available. Appropriate installation scripts and descriptions for different network monitoring systems can be found in the manual or in the FAQ.

We support all major network monitoring, DCIM and building management systems.
If yours is missing, please contact us.

  • Adrem Software NetCrunch
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management
  • dtm EnviMonitor (
  • GFI Network Server Monitor
  • HP OpenView
  • Icinga (
  • IBM Tivoli
  • OP5 (
  • Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold (
  • Microsoft Operations Manager
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