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Kentix Provides IT Equipment Protection and Power Monitoring at Assured Guaranty

//Kentix Provides IT Equipment Protection and Power Monitoring at Assured Guaranty

Kentix Provides IT Equipment Protection and Power Monitoring at Assured Guaranty

As an established and growing financial entity, working in the realm of regulatory requirements; networks and processes required upgrade to support the growing IT infrastructure. Working with a progressive IT team and CTO; new technology was utilized; plans included investments in new hyper converged storage and network equipment. Before the planning had begun, a major water leak occurred from failed plumbing. The 10 year old “legacy” system based on a copper phone connection never alerted the IT manager. The existing wired temperature and leakage sensors were found to be unresponsive, only half could be identified.   NYC multitenant spaces can provide a host of unforeseen problems: old plumbing, antiquated systems and building power fluctuations are far too common. The needed upgrade offered the IT team a converged system with state of the art storage; and risk mitigation for this new equipment was needed.

Kentix was chosen for deployment to monitor and protect these new investments. The system was set up to alert in real time, within network and to mobile phones through a VPN.

Phase 1 – Setting up a 360° monitoring solution

Our Kentix US team worked to “salvage“ and re-use the existing responsive wired sensors, and provide them new life. Kentix MultiSensor-RACKs were deployed in the main server room area, to provide full environmental and power monitoring at the server rack level.

As typical in NYC multitenant buildings; several stacked IDF Closets spanning over 5 floors could be a challenge – but utilizing Kentix, closets were easily equipped with MultiSensor-LANs  and  “plug and play” leakage sensors. The system simply tied to internal network – offering one pain of glass for the IT department to monitor real time, all the time. For added security; IP cameras were added to view these remote areas, right through the Kentix Dashboard.

Phase 2 – Planned Collocation deployment for critical equipment used as fail over offsite

Given the nature of Assured Guaranty’s business and clientele, there are no options for downtime. Kentix Rack units are deployed to monitor remote server equipment in 3 locations.

In addition networks are continuously monitored and alerts reported in the event of any issue. Status can be checked at any time, and all devices were added to the existing dashboard with no additional costs.

Phase 3 – Transition to new spaces

Phase 3 of the project included a transition. New tenant space and offices in Midtown for the growing AG financial team. Working with the CTO and a NY design and engineering firm; new IT equipment was sourced and installed. Compact in design, the server room was equipped with state of the art – converged storage, in rack UPS systems; and Kentix to monitor and log all aspects of events and alert on any breech.

Assured Guaranty means just that, the assurance and guaranty that clientele finances and processes of are never compromised. Deploying the Kentix system products provides 360 degrees of security and ensures risk mitigation of any threat, simply – to the new and existing IT equipment.

About Kentix

Kentix is a manufacturer of professional monitoring solutions for the security of IT rooms, data centers and mission critical infrastructure. Kentix develops and manufactures its products exclusively in Germany with the highest quality standards. Authorities and enterprises from all sectors of the economy secure their IT systems against all major physical threats with the Kentix MultiSensor Technology. The Kentix MultiSensor merges many different sensors in one functional unit and makes it very efficient compared to the market. Kentix US supports  a growing team of certified solution providers across North America.

About Assured Guaranty

Assured Guaranty is the leading provider of financial guaranty insurance. We guarantee scheduled principal and interest payments when due on municipal, public infrastructure and structured financings.assured-guaranty-logo-300x200