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With a KentixONE plan (S/M/L), you can expand your Kentix system beyond the BASIC functionality and sit back and relax: You have full control via app from anywhere, are optimally protected by regular online updates and can rely on professional and fast support in the event of a problem. You can also add helpful functions to your system.

KentixONE basic features, included in all Kentix devices for free


Start small, upgrade at any time


For medium-sized environments


For large environments


Basic Small Medium Large
KentixONE App
Manageable Online Devices
25 physical and 50 virtual devices
100 physical and 200 virtual devices
250 physical and 500 virtual devices
Manually Software Updates
Online Software Updates
Geo-Based Weather Data Soon
VDS 2465 Alarm Transmission to Control Centers
Multi-Tenant User Management
SiteManager Redundancy with Auto-Switching Soon


Basic Small Medium Large
Push notifications
Email via external SMTP
Email via integrated mailer
SMS notifications


Basic Small Medium Large
Standard Support
Prioritized Support

For very large environments

Request price
  • All KentixONE features, plus:
  • Unlimited number of physical devices
  • Unlimited number of virtual devices
  • Customised support

Download the KentixONE App for your smartphone

Activate SMS notifications

A SIM card is included with every SiteManager. Once the SIM card has been activated, SMS notifications are available to you. Sending SMS messages offers additional transmission security for important alarm and fault messages, even in the event of a network failure, and is therefore redundant to push and email notifications.

Activate SIM card


Activating the KentixONE subscription is a two-step process.

  1. Select the KentixONE plan according to your project size, features and plan term.
  2. Immediately after purchase, you will receive your activation code for KentixONE by e-mail. Call up the KentixONE software interface (desktop browser) of the main device. Important: For this step, the main device must already be in your network. In the interface, you will find the menu item "KentixONE-GO" for entering the activation code. After entering the code, the service will be activated immediately; this is indicated by a green GO symbol in the header.

A KentixONE license is only required once per project. Activation takes place on the main device. All devices configured as satellites in the project do not require additional activation. Main devices can be: SiteManager or AlarmManager.

Basically, all Kentix devices can be used without a KentixONE subscription. In this case, the full functionality of KentixONE is still available to you. Only the additional features like the App, support services and update services are missing.

You can get new updates via online update directly from the KentixONE interface, or alternatively as a download from your Kentix account. Sign up for our update newsletter for KentixONE to never miss an update.

You can upgrade or downgrade KentixONE at any time and adapt it to your project size. The new plan will apply from the next term year after the active remaining term expires.

KentixONE itself can be used indefinitely with the BASIC plan, i.e. you can continue to use your system even after the KentixONE subscription has expired. Software updates will continue to be available for manual download after termination.

This is possible at any time, only the 30-day right of return does not apply.

The number of physical and virtual devices is displayed in the KentixONE system settings.

Physical devices are generally all Kentix devices that can be taught in the software: MultiSensors, AccessManager, AlarmManager, SiteManager, locking components, PDUs, cameras, IO modules, sensors.

Virtual devices are external devices that are integrated via data interfaces: Network monitoring, SNMP, RestAPI, Modbus, virtual data points or variables.