Kentix DoorLock network rack reader

Rack access for IT/OT racks reinvented

Opening and securing the rack is now very convenient: with the IT enclosure handle in a robust metal/plastic design as a lifting lever handle. This means that the handle does not require a swivelling range and enables ergonomic handling. The enclosure handle is connected via a patch cable. Up to 16 handles can be connected to one AccessManager. As any number of AccessManagers can be networked together, the number of rack handles that can be connected is unlimited. 

The special plus in security: by installing a door contact, the closing and locking status of the rack door is permanently monitored. Power is supplied via PoE and can therefore be easily integrated into the UPS power supply.

KentixONE enables easy integration of our locking solutions into data center automation via the REST API. The number of users is unlimited.

Rack reader functions at a glance

IoT rack handles for IT- and Serverrack

DoorLock-RA4 Rack-Lift-Handle with PIN LEFT-TURN (MIFARE® DESFire)
  • RFID & PIN
  • Up to 16 Lifthandles/Ethernetport (PoE)
  • Chassis: Metal-Plastic
IT cabinet handle (left turning) in robust metal-plastic design as folding lever handle. This means that the handle does not require a swivel range and enables ergonomic handling. The connection is made completely via patch cable. Up to 16 handles can be connected per Kentix SmartRelay. Any number of SmartRelays can be networked together. A reed contact can be connected to a distribution box to each IP rack handle to reliably monitor the closing and locking status of the rack door. The power supply is PoE and is therefore easily integrated into the UPS power supply.

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Direction of axis rotation for our lifting handles

The KXC-RA4 is available in two directions of axis rotation (right/left). Since the lift handle always performs the same movement, the gear unit or the axis rotation must be set according to the L/R door side.

It is essential to note the required direction of rotation of the axis when ordering. Easy to remember, the direction of rotation is always the same as the side of the door hinges.

IMPORTANT! For the direction of rotation, always look at the back of the door or back of the lever and when opening the lever.


Distribution Boxes for IT cabinets

Distribution box set for IT rack locking system KXC-RA4 with magnetic contacts
Sysport (TYPE A)
  • Distribution box for rack levers and door contacts in the rack
  • For connection to AccessManager (ART: KXP-2-RS)
  • 2x rack levers can be connected (ART: KXC-RA4-xxx-x)
  • 2x door contacts can be connected (ART: KDC1-W)
Distribution box with door contacts for cabling and distribution in the rack to two Kentix rack readers (ART: KXC-RA4) and two door contacts. For connection to an AccessManager (ART: KXP-2-RS) via patch/network cable (RJ45)Size (WxLxH): 39x68.5x23.5mm

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RFID transponder Key-Fob 2k EV2 (MIFARE® DESFire®)
  • RFID key fob Ø36mm
  • Kentix security application
Kentix transponder key fobs are based on MIFARE®DESFire® technology (13.56MHz) type EV2 with 4kB memory. By default, the tokens are written with a special Kentix security application.

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What are the Distribution Boxes needed for?

The distribution boxes are required to network the components for front/rear door with rack levers and door contacts in the rack. Depending on the connection type of the rack lever, either via the direct networking of several levers in bus topology, or the connection to a Kentix SmartPDU.

One distributor is required per cabinet, to which the rack handle, the door contact and the networking among each other are then connected. The advantage, for 8 racks with 16 doors only one Ethernet port with PoE is needed.

Mechanical adapters for different rack manufacturer

Mechanical adapters for various rack manufacturers

On most IT racks, the Kentix cabinet lever fits without mechanical adjustment by means of an adapter. This is guaranteed by the standard 50 mm pitch dimension. However, there are some manufacturers who design proprietary locking systems. For the most common manufacturers, we offer mechanical adapters that are simply mounted between the cabinet and the lever. Supported cabinet manufacturers: Rittal, Vertiv (Knürr), Stengel, Schäfer, ZPAS, Modulan, and many more. If your required cabinet type is not included, please contact us, we regularly extend the list of manufacturers.

Kentix DoorLock-RA4 Adapter for Rittal TS, TS IT, SE, PC, IW racks

With the appropriate Kentix mechanical adapter for Rittal, our rack levers fit Rittal IT and distribution cabinets. Depending on the type, the adapters are suitable for flat standard doors or doors with design bevel. Variants with door monitoring are available for installation.

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Jörg Kerber

Inside Sales Manager

Jörg Kerber

Kentix locking solutions for IT cabinets

Compared to conventional swing handles, the Kentix DoorLock-RA4 is a so-called lifting lever. The advantage: the handle allows space-saving and very ergonomic operation. The opening process is very convenient, as the lever springs open automatically and can be opened with one pull.

Due to the standard dimensions used (50 mm grid), the handle is already compatible with many rack cabinet types. For manufacturers with proprietary lever mechanisms, such as Rittal or Vertiv, there are corresponding adapter solutions for easy replacement.

In addition to the DoorLock-RA4, we also offer digital locking half cylinders or radio cabinet locks for simple IT distributors.

Direct connection of the rack lever to the Kentix SmartPDU

The DoorLock-RA4 is an important system component with many advantages. In addition to stand-alone use, the lever can also be connected directly to a Kentix SmartPDU. On the one hand, this eliminates the need for wiring between the cabinets, and on the other hand, the front and rear door handles of the cabinet are supplied redundantly via the PDUs. The SmartPDU takes over the management of the handle and the monitoring of the door contacts. Only a central access manager is then required as further hardware. Integration into an overall Kentix locking system is thus solved even more simply.