SiteManager as a hardware appliance for the individual project start

Appliance / Docker KentixONE Sysport (TYPE A) 4G-Modem
High-Performance ARM Quad Core Appliance with KentixONE
High-performance ARM Quad Core Appliance with KentixONE, Fanless, 2x Ethernet 1GBit/100Mbit (LAN1/2), 2x Kentix system port, SD card slot, nano SIM card slot, integrated 4G modem, dual power supply, Power 24VDC/10Watt, Temperature range 0-55°C, Mounting in 19"-1U or 35mm DIN rail, Size (HxWxD) 111x25x76mm, Scope of delivery: SiteManager, 19" mounting bracket, 4G magnetic base antenna (2m cable length), plug-in power supply 100-230VAC/24VDC, C14 power supply adapter, KentixONE-SIM Karte (DE/AT/CH)


DoorLock-WA3-IP network reader (MIFARE® DESFire)
KentixONE LAN (PoE) RFID PoE-Splitter
  • RFID & PIN, 2-factor auth.
  • Arm/disarm buttons
  • Integrated PoE Splitter 24VDC
  • Protection class: IP54, Indoor/Outdoor
Base package consisting of RFID wall reader with illuminated touch PIN keypad and AccessManager (SmartRelay) with Ethernet and PoE (10/100MBit), integrated web server (HTTPS) mit KentixONE, main-satellite mode for networking additional AccessManagers, reader mounting in switch box or surface mount (optional), operating temperature -20°C to +60°C, protection class IP54/65, 2x relay 24VDC/1A, 2x digital input, expandable to a total of 2x RFID wall readers, scope of delivery: 1x wall reader with touch PIN keypad, 1x AccessManager (SmartRelay), 1x RFID key fob, 1x 3m SlimLine cable

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Base package DoorLock-DC (MIFARE® DESFire, BLE) as system basis
KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) RFID
  • With DoorLock-DC PRO (IP55)
  • AccessManager with LAN (PoE)
  • Web-Server (HTTPS) – Smartphone App
  • Up to 16 knobs/handles
  • Radio range up to 20m
With the DoorLock basic package, you always receive a set consisting of AccessManager and door handle. Each basic package or the AccessManager it contains can manage up to 16 doors with DoorLock-DC (door knob) or DoorLock-LE (door handle). In conjunction with a SiteManager, any number of AccessManagers can be networked. The Kentix AccessManager (wireless, BLE) is the control unit for wirelessly networked Kentix DoorLock components such as door knobs (DoorLock-DC) or door handles (DoorLock-LE).The AccessManager is network-compatible and is supplied with power via Power over Ethernet (PoE). The AccessManager can be operated as a master device or in a network with other AccessManagers. The KentixONE software is already integrated via the integrated web server (HTTPS). Configuration is carried out via a web browser and, depending on the operating mode, locally on the AccessManager itself or on a central instance such as the SiteManager. The AccessManager can be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or in the suspended ceiling. The supplied antenna can be extended using an optional magnetic base holder with a 1 metre connection cable. This means that the AccessManager can be installed indoors and the aerial outdoors for flexible and secure installation.Order the appropriate door cylinder according to the required length at the same time. Use the configurator for cylinders.

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MultiSensor with Ethernet (PoE) and Thermal-Image
KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) Sysport (TYPE A)
  • Integrated sensors: 9
  • Monitored threats: up to 20
  • 4-factor early fire detection
  • Web server (HTTPS)
  • LAN-RADIO (BLE) repeater integrated
MultiSensor with integrated 1024px thermal-cam sensor for 4-factor early fire detection and extented environmental monitoring.Full software on board with integrated web server (HTTPS), standalone operation or connection to Kentix AlarmManager-PRODetection angle: 90°Integrated sensors with monitoring of: Temperature, humidity, dew point, smoldering fire (CO),  air quality, air-pressure, motion, acceleration-vibration (G), two external dry-contacts.Alarm notification via e-mail, SNMP traps (V2/3), web-hooks (REsT-API) or via SiteManager SMS and PUSH.
Field of view

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MultiSensor-LAN with PoE (Black)
KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) Sysport (TYPE A)
  • Integrated sensors: 8
  • Monitored threats: up to 19
  • Web server (HTTPS)
  • LAN-RADIO (BLE) repeater integrated
MultiSensor for comprehensive room monitoring of up to 20 hazards. Monitors an area of approx. 20-25m². Connection is via Ethernet with PoE (Class 1) and thus requires no further cabling. Operation is possible as a stand-alone sensor with already integrated KentixONE software (HTTPS) or via a networked KentixONE system with AlarmManager or SiteManager. It is mounted on the ceiling using the supplied mounting bracket. Optionally, mounting in the IT rack is also possible with the 19" bracket (accessory).Integrated sensors: temperature, humidity, dew point, carbon monoxide sensor (CO), 360° PIR motion sensor, 3-axis G-sensor, digital input/outputs.Also ideal as an independent room sensor to complement network monitoring systems (PRTG, Nagios, CheckMK, etc) via SNMP-V2/3 or REST API. The sensor can also send alarm email in stand-alone mode.

US$562.38 excl. VAT
Digital I/O-Module with 16 digital inputs
  • 16 digital inputs (for dry contacts)
  • connection of external alarm messages
  • Integrated web server
  • Ethernet 10/100MBit (PoE)
The I/O expansion module connects to an AlarmManager/SiteManager and is used to connect external alarm messages. The communication takes place via Ethernet. Thus, the module can be mounted at any location. The configuration is done in the KentixONE..16 digital inputs for dry-contacts (e.g. air-conditioning, UPS system, external sensors, etc.)

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Leakage sensor for detecting water and flooding
Sysport (TYPE A)
  • Plug 'n Play connection
  • Sensor sensitivity adjustable
  • 5-fold cascadable
  • Monitored for cable break
The leakage sensor is used to detect water leakage on the floor and is connected to an SiteManager or MultiSensor directly to the Kentix system port (TYP A). It continuously detects conductivity via multiple electrodes directly on the housing or additionally via a sensor cable.The sensor has an integrated point sensor with adjustable sensitivity. The versions with sensor cable (KLS03-ROPE-10/20) detect water in addition to the point sensor over the entire sensor cable length (10/20m). The sensitivity of the point sensor is 1-2ml water, the sensitivity of the sensor cable is approx. 10ml water over 20cm cable length.The leakage sensor can be cascaded up to 5 times and is therefore also suitable for large rooms.
Sensor cable

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MultiSensor-DOOR (Black) wireless and battery powered
Radio (BLE) Battery
  • Integrated sensors: 6
  • Monitored threats: up to 10
  • Wireless (BLE)
  • Battery (approx. 4 years)
Ultra-compact MultiSensor for intrusion and status monitoring of doors and windows including ambient monitoring of temperature, humidity and dew point. The sensor is additionally equipped with a 3-axis G-sensor and detects vibration and position changes (sabotage detection, attempted break-in, glass breakage).The MultiSensor-DOOR replaces classic door contacts and can be mounted very easily by gluing or screwing it on. The supplied door/window magnet serves as a counterpart for secure opening detection.The MultiSensor-DOOR is battery operated and has a long battery life (up to four years). It is connected to an MultiSenor-LAN via radio (BLE).

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Delivery Contents

  • SiteManager with DIN rail mount
  • 19" mounting plates for 1U
  • Power supply 100-240VAC/24VDC
  • Socket adapter C13 for PDU connection
  • GSM/4G magnetic base antenna with 3m cable length
  • MicroSD card 4GB
  • KentixONE-SIM card for activation (etxra cost)