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Physical security for your rooms and buildings

Access control - intruder alarms - video surveillance - and much more

We make security technology easy and digital. Whether reception areas, offices, archives or accounting, whether one or several locations: you want to keep an eye on all environments at all times. You want maximum physical security at the lowest possible cost and with minimal effort.

With KentixONE, our IoT platform for physical security technology, you can easily secure all areas against intrusion and unauthorized access and control everything via video. One system automatically and proactively monitors your entire premises. 

Thanks to IoT technology, KentixONE can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT environment, is easy to operate, always perfectly compatible and infinitely expandable - including early fire detection and versatile monitoring if required. This gives you full control and prevents up to 40 threats before damage and losses occur.

Simplicity ensures greater security

KentixONE: hosted by you, easy and secure

With KentixONE, we keep your back free so that you can concentrate on the important things. It replaces eight conventional security systems and combines them into one IoT-based platform. KentixONE runs on all Kentix devices and is always installed on delivery. All you need is a device with a browser to access the KentixONE web frontend. This is designed so that you can find your way around intuitively. The overview offers individual setting options for even more convenience. Even large and distributed infrastructures remain easily manageable. Watch the video to discover how easy security is with KentixONE.


Maximum physical security with minimum effort: replaces eight conventional security systems and combines them in one IoT-based platform. More than 40 threats to your rooms and buildings are proactively monitored with KentixONE.


Integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and can be used in analog or digital environments thanks to a variety of interfaces. The software is already installed on delivery. The most important thing is the integration into your everyday life: Kentix is intuitive, easy to use, saves resources and adapts to your processes.


Intuitive web front-end interface with individual setting options for greater convenience and an optimum overview. The web front end is a flexible solution for configuration, supplemented by the app for smartphones and smartwatches, the ideal "command center" for on the go.

Assign access rights in real time and from anywhere

You always have full control over who is where. Easily assign, revoke and grant temporary access authorizations from anywhere. Authorized persons simply use their own smartphone to open doors by scanning an NFC tag. User management is automated and imports data from Microsoft® Azure, for example. External persons gain access without the hassle of managing keys or cards by opening gates and doors remotely via smartphone. All events are logged in real time so that you can check who has been where at any time.

Never forget open doors and windows again

No one is in the office, but have all the windows been closed? Has the door been closed and locked correctly after the smoking break? These uncertainties are a thing of the past. You can see at a glance in the dashboard whether windows and doors are locked. Divide up alarm zones according to your needs and have them automatically armed or disarmed. If a break-in or attempted break-in occurs, you receive a message immediately. An alarm is triggered at the same time - this often deters the perpetrators. You can also activate external service providers to notify control centers directly in an emergency.

Everything in view with automatic video surveillance

With video surveillance, you can perfectly supplement your access control and leave nothing to chance. With comprehensive video surveillance, you can keep an eye on all areas of your building at all times - in real time via the web front end and via the app if you are out and about. As soon as an event is triggered, the camera records automatically. The event log, including video images, is archived.

Detect fires before they start

Fires are one of the most devastating dangers for your company. Possible "hot spots" for a fire outbreak can be found wherever electrics, electronics and electricity are present. A forgotten hotplate in the kitchenette, an unnoticed cable break on the copier, collected rechargeable batteries or a defective printer power supply - the risk of fire lurks almost everywhere in an office. Conventional fire alarms are not enough here, because by the time they sound the alarm, it is already too late and damage can no longer be averted. Early detection with the Kentix MultiSensor, on the other hand, works with four-factor technology (thermal image, carbon monoxide, temperature rise, air quality) and can detect fires hours or even days before they start. Prevent damage and losses reliably and easily. Thanks to its network connection with Power over Ethernet (PoE), the Kentix MultiSensor is easy to install and low-maintenance.

Environmental monitoring in warehouses plays an important role in quality, safety and efficiency

Our MultiSensors ensure compliance with temperature and humidity conditions that are crucial for the quality and safety of many products. They support compliance with safety regulations, including fire safety, and enable efficiency gains and cost savings through optimized storage conditions. In addition, they are essential for regulatory compliance and traceability in the event of quality or safety issues. In short, Kentix MultiSensor technology plays a central role in product quality, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Efficient monitoring of IT and OT racks in the company

Kentix SmartPDUs enable the optimization of environmental conditions, support compliance with cybersecurity measures and regulatory standards, promote efficient lifecycle management and improve production processes. They are crucial for trouble-free operation, minimize risks and promote the long-term efficiency and productivity of industrial network environments.

Your entire company is secured with just one system

The advantages of KentixONE

  • 100% IoT - local and secure - fully integrated into your IT
  • Information always and everywhere available with the app
  • 8-in-1 system for monitoring more than 40 hazards
  • Open interfaces for maximum compatibility
  • Unlimited expandability - even across departments and locations
Discover KentixONE in detail
Access control
Intrusion detection
Live video
External alarms
Environmental monitoring
Early fire detection
Power monitoring
Network monitoring

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