A success story: Multisensor prevents expensive fire damage at Paket24 (Artelia)

Symbol photo: Kentix

This could have been annoying and expensive for Paket24 GmbH, a supplier of high-quality garden furniture. But the Kentix multisensor successfully prevented a failure. What had happened?

When the multisensor sounded the alarm and an employee checked the UPS, everything looked normal at first: “I thought, what does Kentix want, everything looks great,” he recalls. But when he took a closer look at the back, he discovered the reason for the alarm: the cells in the UPS had become dangerously hot. If this had remained undetected and they had ultimately burned through, this would have resulted in a serious fire. However, the CO2 sensor on the Kentix multisensor detected the change in the carbon dioxide value at an early stage before any damage occurred.

Conclusion: Without the Kentix multisensor, this dangerous situation would have remained undetected. The fire would have caused major damage by the time it was discovered. The Multisensor has saved Paket24 / Artelia from an expensive breakdown – quite simply and at low cost.

With the Kentix multi-sensor, you too can reliably prevent costly damage to property and serious breakdowns caused by fire. The multi-sensor is able to detect fires hours to days before they start. Read more:

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