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A secure data center with Kentix, DeRZ and TÜV Saarland

The demands placed on modern data centers have risen continuously in recent years. They not only have to guarantee high availability and performance, but also meet the highest security standards.
The central requirement for a data center is its security. The challenge here is that the security technology used is no longer state of the art. This is because it requires a great deal of planning and installation effort, often the use of different trades or companies and ultimately compliance with different standards.
There is a lack of integration between technologies and processes. Modern data centers need security solutions that meet the requirements of the digital world. These include advanced access control systems, surveillance cameras, biometric identification and comprehensive security management.
Are you a data center operator and need a security solution that is flexible, simple, cost- and resource-efficient and meets legal requirements?
And would you like to have your data center certified in accordance with EN 50600? In cooperation with DeRZ Deutsche Rechenzentren GmbH, we make TÜV certification in accordance with EN 50600 much easier for your data center. An absolute novelty on the market. Find out now without obligation!

Planning and risk analysis: the first step towards successful EN 50600 certification

As data centers have very different designs, their needs also vary in terms of availability, security measures and energy efficiency requirements. Individual adaptation of the building design, energy distribution, cooling generation and distribution, telecommunications cabling and physical security is necessary to meet these requirements.

Before planning a data center, a concept is therefore developed. This involves determining the risks, including possible service outages, financial penalties, consequential damage and loss of reputation.

The risk analysis quantifies the threats in a risk matrix in terms of their impact and probability of occurrence. Based on this, the right decisions can be made to minimize these dangers.

Functionality and risk analysis more important than certified technology

The emergence of cyber insurance has led to changes in IT security requirements. Rapid technological developments, particularly in hardware and software, play a key role in this. Due to these rapid developments, cyber insurers do not focus on individual systems or manufacturers. Instead, they expect certain functionalities. Insurers are now also adopting this approach for the area of physical security. Companies must prove that they have taken appropriate security measures, regardless of the manufacturers or systems used, in order to minimize potential damage.

Simplified certification process

The systems, products or processes used do not play a role in EN 50600 certification. What counts is the functionality of the data center. It looks closely at whether a thorough risk analysis has been carried out and whether the data center is appropriately equipped to deal with possible dangers. The TÜV data center certification is also based on this standard.

Kentix and DeRZ Deutsche Rechenzentren GmbH also follow this approach. Both companies attach great importance to ensuring that the security functions are fulfilled in the best possible way - because the use of certified technology alone does not guarantee secure operation. A data center that is planned and built by DeRZ Deutsche Rechenzentrum GmbH and equipped with IoT-based physical security technology from Kentix can be certified by TÜV in accordance with EN 50600. This makes the entire process considerably easier and simpler.

You get a certifiable solution and even more

The advantages of KentixONE

  • 100% IoT - local and secure - fully integrated into your IT
  • Information always and everywhere available with the app
  • 8-in-1 system for monitoring more than 40 hazards
  • Open interfaces for maximum compatibility
  • Unlimited expandability - even across departments and locations
Access control
Intrusion detection
Live video
External alarms
Environmental monitoring
Early fire detection
Power monitoring
Network monitoring


Maximum physical security with minimum effort: replaces eight conventional security systems and combines them in one IoT-based platform. More than 40 threats to your rooms and buildings are proactively monitored with KentixONE.


Integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and can be used in analog or digital environments thanks to a variety of interfaces. The software is already installed on delivery. The most important thing is the integration into your everyday life: Kentix is intuitive, easy to use, saves resources and adapts to your processes.


Intuitive web front-end interface with individual setting options for greater convenience and an optimum overview. The web frontend is a flexible solution for configuration, supplemented by the app for smartphones and smartwatches, the ideal "command center" for on the go.

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