Complete protection
of your offices, warehouse & production

Equip your company with access control, an alarm system and fire protection. Everything in one IoT-system and always in view with comprehensive video surveillance.

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Access control in real time

  • Manage access rights anytime and anywhere
  • Use of the smartphone for door opening via NFC tag
  • Temporary access authorizations for external persons
  • Optional import from Microsoft® Azure
  • Permanent logging of all events
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Monitor open doors and windows

  • Continuous monitoring of doors and windows
  • Automatic arming and disarming
  • Alerting in the event of attempted break-ins
  • Integration of external security services possible
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Complete video surveillance

  • Real-time video surveillance of all areas
  • Automatic recording of events
  • View videos on the move via the KentixONE app
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Detect fires before they start

  • Detect fires hours or days before they break out
  • 4-factor early fire detection: thermal image, carbon monoxide, temperature rise and air quality
  • Detection of hotspots, e.g. hotplates, cable breakage, defective power supply units or collected rechargeable batteries and batteries
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to PoE
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Monitor the warehouse environment

  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions using MultiSensor technology
  • Optimization of storage conditions for better efficiency
  • Traceability in the event of quality or safety issues
  • Compliance with safety and fire regulations
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Monitoring IT and OT racks

  • Optimization of environmental conditions in racks
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Promoting efficiency and productivity in the company
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Your entire company is secured with just one system

KentixONE combines eight conventional security systems with an IoT platform that is pre-installed on all Kentix devices. Easy to operate via browser or app, it offers intuitive and convenient control, even for large companies.

The advantages of KentixONE

  • 100% IoT - local and secure - fully integrated into your IT
  • Information always and everywhere available with the app
  • 8-in-1 system for monitoring more than 40 hazards
  • Open interfaces for maximum compatibility
  • Unlimited expandability - even across departments and locations
Access control
Intrusion detection
Live video
External alarms
Environmental monitoring
Early fire detection
Power monitoring
Network monitoring

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Jörg Kerber

Inside Sales Manager

Jörg Kerber

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Yes, KentixONE not only replaces a conventional alarm system, but also integrates other security systems such as access control, video surveillance and more into a single IoT-based platform. With KentixONE, you can replace up to eight traditional security systems and proactively monitor over 40 different threats. It offers a comprehensive solution for the physical security of your premises and buildings.

These advantages make KentixONE a comprehensive and efficient solution for the physical security of your company:

  • Integration: Combines different security systems in one platform.
  • Scalability: Adapts flexibly to the requirements of your company.
  • Independence: Runs securely "on-premise" and is independent of cloud providers
  • User-friendliness: Intuitive operation via web front end and app
  • Proactive monitoring: Predictively detects over 40 threats.
  • Connectivity: Seamless integration into analogue and digital environments.
  • Security and compliance: Supports compliance with legal requirements.
  • Support and documentation: Comprehensive support and optimised documentation.

The system continuously analyses the following 4 factors: Surface temperature (thermal image), carbon monoxide (CO), temperature rise and air quality (VOC). The combination of these factors offers significant advantages for very early fire detection in the area of battery storage, charging stations, machines and systems or for safeguarding UPS systems in IT.

All Kentix devices are designed to be user-friendly and enable quick and easy installation. Some devices can simply be installed via plug-and-play in the network or via wireless connection. Other devices require specific skills. The SKILL LEVEL (EASY, MEDIUM, ADVANCED) indicates which requirements are necessary.

If you still need help with the installation, our remote support is at your disposal: Book 60 minutes of remote support.

No, KentixONE is not complicated to install. The software is pre-installed on delivery, which makes the installation process much easier. Here are a few points that make installation and commissioning easier

  • Pre-installed software: Kentix products come with KentixONE software already installed, so you can get started right away.
  • Intuitive user interface: The KentixONE web front end is user-friendly and offers customised settings that make configuration easier.
  • Comprehensive documentation: In the Kentix knowledge base you will find detailed instructions, data sheets and tutorials to guide you through the installation process.
  • Remote support: Kentix offers remote support for commissioning, configuration and migration. This saves time and offers you direct "training on the product".
  • Live demos and training: You can take part in free live demos and training sessions to familiarise yourself with the software and clarify specific questions.

If you still need help with the installation, our remote support is at your disposal: Book 60 minutes of remote support.

Yes, you can retrofit almost any door with Kentix SmartAccess. The main advantages are:

  • Versatile components: Adaptable to different door types.
  • Simple retrofitting: No special tools or structural measures required.
  • Wireless networking: Reduces cabling effort.
  • Smartphone integration: Open doors via smartphone or smartwatch.
  • Robustness: Suitable for various environments.
  • Scalability: Suitable for small and large access systems.

The MultiSensor has numerous integrated sensors and thus monitors up to 20 hazards. These include climate factors such as temperature, humidity, frost and air quality. Fire and water ingress (leakage sensor required) can also be detected.