Kentix products are always easy to install!
The Kentix Skill Level explains how easy it is

All our products are designed for easy installation. Depending on the product different skills and tools may be required to ensure a smooth installation. What these are in detail tells you the SKILL-LEVEL with which our products are marked. Essentially, we distinguish between basic IT, mechanical, and electrical engineering skills.

Therefore, before purchasing any of our products, we recommend that you carefully review the installation requirements to ensure that you have, or are prepared to acquire, the necessary skills and tools to successfully complete the installation. Our Knowledge Base and extensive partner network will be happy to assist you.

Technical Requirements
Basic IT Knowledge

Search und allocation of IP addresses

Basic assembly skills

Measurement and assembly of a locking cylinder or a door handle

Technical training in the field of mechatronics

Screwdriver (various attachments)

Mechanical toolset

Kentix basic tools from scope of delivery

Electromechanical toolset
SmartMonitoring, MultiSensors, SmartVideo
SmartAccess with radio knob and door handle
All products with connection terminals and mechanically more complex assembly
Examples for required skills
Connection of a MultiSensor to a network switch with PoE

IP-Address allocation

Attaching the sensor to the ceiling with two screws

Configuration via a web browser

Replacement of a locking cylinder

Cable laying

Connection and installation of a wall reader with door control

Connection of IO modules and their electrical wiring

Training recommendation
Self-study via user manual and tutorials

KentixONE Professional Training or KentixONE Certified Training

Kentix system partner or Kentix Setup-Service

We support you with optimal documentation

In our knowledge base, you will find all the further information about our products, such as operating instructions, data sheets, and tutorials. Especially about our software platform KentixONE, which all our products are based on.

Save time and start your first project together with a Kentix professional

We are happy to support you in your project during commissioning, configuration or migration with our remote support. This saves you valuable time and gives you direct "training on the product".