Secure your entire Data Center with KentixONE

and meet compliance requirements of ISO 22237 or ISO 27001

You only need ONE system for the following trades

Access control

Not only know who – when – where, but to grant and revoke access authorisations in real time and from anywhere.

Intrusion detection

Immediate alarm in the event of a burglary or attempted burglary with a deterrent effect on perpetrators.

Live video

Everything in view at all times with live video monitoring in real time. If an event is triggered, the camera records automatically.

Network monitoring

Continuously monitors the devices in the network and identifies faults before they become a serious threat.

Environmental monitoring

The continuous monitoring of the prescribed environmental standards reliably prevents quality losses

Early fire detection

Fires are one of the most devastating dangers for a company. Early detection usually a potential fire hours before it starts.

External alarms

As part of the infrastructure monitoring, the recording of alarms from external systems provides even more security.

Power monitoring

Faults, interruptions or total failures are prevented thanks to real-time control of the energy conditions.

8 in 1




100 %


Eight security systems merge into one seamless, intuitive solution: The KentixONE security platform. Access control, intrusion alarm, early fire detection, video surveillance, environmental, power and network monitoring and the processing of external fault messages are all provided by just one system.

More than 40 physical threats, for example burglary, fire, leakage, defective air conditioning or unauthorised access, are monitored proactively and completely automatically with KentixONE. This makes it very easy for the user to control imminent threats – and simplicity creates more security.

KentixONE is based on Software Defined Hardware (SDH) and is a 100% IoT solution. As a result, all components fit seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and can be expanded without limits. Incompatible and outdated security technology is yesterday’s news. Security technology today must be smart and relieve the users.

Security technology
goes simple and digital

We give you full control

For data centers from 10 to 5,000 sqm

As the person responsible for security, you want to keep an uncomplicated eye on the physical environment of your data center. You want maximum physical security at the lowest possible cost and effort. With KentixONE, the unique software and hardware platform for physical security technology, you can easily secure your data center against more than 40 physical threats while meeting key regulatory standards and basic protection requirements. Just one system automatically and proactively monitors your entire infrastructure and ensures EN 50600 or ISO 27001 compliance. KentixONE’s IoT technology makes it seamlessly integrable, uncomplicated to use, always perfectly compatible and limitlessly expandable. This gives you full control and averts threats before damage and loss occur.

Get to know Kentix products in use

I/O fault indication module

The I/O extension module (TYPE: KIO7053) is used to connect external alarm and fault messages, e.g. from air-conditioning systems, air-conditioning cabinets, window contacts, fuses, aggregates and many more. The communication takes place via Ethernet. Somit kann das Modul an beliebiger Stelle montiert werden um Meldungen zu erfassen. Je Modul können bis zu 16 Störmeldungen erfasst werden. The I/O module is available in three different versions:
- 16 digital inputs
- 8/8 digital inputs/outputs
- 8 Analoge Eingänge (0-10V, 4-20mA)


The Kentix MultiSensor

The MultiSensor is the ingeniously simple solution for comprehensive room monitoring and environmental monitoring. With just one device you can monitor up to 20 physical hazards such as intrusion, critical climate factors, air quality, fires and more. Depending on the model, the MultiSensor is networked via LAN or RADIO, and is typically mounted on ceilings or cable trays. The Kentix MultiSensor is used tens of thousands of times in data centers and has already saved many operators from failures and total losses.

Early fire detection

The Kentix MultiSensor-TI is the latest MultiSensor technology with integrated 1024 pixel thermal image sensor for monitoring critical plant conditions and early fire detection. In addition to pure thermal monitoring, the sensor also enables motion detection of people. Compared to thermal cameras, the sensor has the advantage that it acts in compliance with data protection regulations and links additional sensors with the thermal evaluation. For early fire detection, this means that up to four factors (thermal image, CO, air quality, room temperature) are evaluated for reliable detection.

IP wall reader

The IP wall readers can be used to set up online access control in accordance with EN 60239. The special feature of the online access system from Kentix is the simple networking and integration into IT networks. Retrofitting is uncomplicated and possible without special tools or additional structural measures. The Kentix DoorLock® includes both radio-controlled and wired components that can be easily combined into a centrally managed system. In this way, small and large access systems for every requirement can be implemented with little installation effort.


The ultra-compact MultiSensor-DOOR detects position changes on doors, windows and moving objects including climate monitoring. Simply stick it on and connect it to an AlarmManager.

Leakage sensor

The leakage sensor operates as a point and area sensor and reliably alarms in the event of water ingress. Up to 5 sensors can be cascaded. Thanks to sensor cables of up to 20m length per sensor, large areas can be monitored without any problems.

More than just a rack handle

The DoorLock-RA4 is an advanced, mechatronic IoT system component that can do more than just open and close server and data cabinets. The DoorLock-RA4 is a sophisticated, infinitely scalable access control system with intelligent software based on KentixONE, which also enables access via smartphone and smartwatch. Based on the REST API, data center applications can be automated or seamlessly integrated. Thus, Collocations customers or service technicians only need a smartphone to open IT racks or doors. The colored LED on the rack handle can also be used to display the status of the system in the rack or simply as a guidance signal for customers and technicians.

Radio door handle / door fitting

The wireless lever handle or door fitting complies with almost all European lock standards. The assembly is possible wirelessly without special tools and therefore very easy to perform.

IP cameras

Cameras can be seamlessly integrated into Kentix systems. Video recording in parallel with alarms and events enables rapid assessment of critical conditions, even in distributed systems.

SmartPDU Seitenansicht

SmartPDU with RCM and MultiSensor

An absolutely robust and highly available power supply in the IT rack is the basis of your IT infrastructure. The SmartPDU is designed precisely for this purpose and also serves as a system solution in the IT rack by combining intelligent power measurement, environment monitoring and access control. It is based on KentixONE, which allows simple, scalable management via web front-end and at the same time enables simple and up-to-date integration into third-party systems with SNMP v2/3, ReST-API, WebHooks and much more.

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