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Our simple and intuitive IoT solution saves you from downtime before it gets expensive.

Kentix is your partner for simple, reliable and efficient security of your physical IT infrastructure.

The security of IT systems is rightly gaining more and more attention from companies, authorities and infrastructure providers. But did you know that about 50 percent of IT failures have physical causes such as overheating, fire, electricity or unauthorised access? Risks that can be effectively reduced by an intelligent solution. At Kentix, we specialise in the physical security of mission-critical infrastructure. With our complete solution, which can be individually adapted to your situation, we put your company on the safe side.

Our value proposition: A scalable and holistic IoT solution that is not only secure but also easy to install and intuitive to use thanks to our unified KentixOS operating system. This means that you not only comply with all legally required standards and regulations, but also protect your mission critical infrastructure from dangerous and expensive failures.

Of the companies
experience one or more system failures per year

Supports you in complying with standards such as ISO 27001, EN 50600 and ISMS

IT failures
are of a physical nature and can be avoided

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Kentix protects against risks and expensive defects.

Maximum security – with minimum effort

Monitoring, intrusion protection, access control, early fire detection, PDU, video surveillance – or the intelligent All-in-One solution: our range of services is holistically designed. Proactively secure your mission-critical infrastructure against disruptions and system-critical failures before they occur with Kentix

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Whether it’s an All-in-One solution, StarterSet, SmartMonitoring, SmartAcess, SmartPDU or SmartVideo: With our configurator, you can find your application example that perfectly fits your requirements with just a few clicks.

What is physical IT security?

How to proactively secure your IT infrastructure from critical failures

Half of all IT failures are due to physical causes, such as human error, defects, power outages or fire. Such critical failures are often underestimated, even though they have a massive impact on availability and are often even more costly and time-consuming than software failures.

In our Kentix Security solution, we have integrated up to eight systems to physically secure your IT: from the SmartMonitoring solution, SmartPDU to SmartAccess and SmartVideo.

The Kentix All-in-One-Security solution detects more than 40 threats at an early stage and ensures 24/7 protection of your physical IT infrastructure – while at the same time complying with legal standards and regulations. This way you increase your IT security and availability, fulfil ISMS requirements and at the same time realise up to 50 % savings in your investment and operating costs.

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Are you an IT system house? Are you looking for a reliable system partner for holistic, uncomplicated and scalable solutions in the field of physical IT security? Then our partner shop is exactly the right platform for you to effectively secure your customers’ IT infrastructure.

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