360° Smart Building Security

360° Smart building
security für Profis
Secure your business-critical infrastructures with KENTIX

Complete security for your company


Why Kentix?

Slide MultiSensor-TI Kentix AlarmManager-PRO Vorderansicht ALL IN ONE
Open, scalable, simple 100% IoT BASED Integrates monitoring,
access, video and power
meets ISO27001 requirements
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KentixOS ist die Basis für alle Kentix Geräte und
vereint alle Einstellungen in der integrierten Weboberfläche


One system for all industries

Kentix is modular and always offers you exactly what you need. Our hardware is based on state-of-the-art AI, IoT and sensor technology.

This keeps you one step ahead of potential threats to your business-critical infrastructure.


From a simple server room to a complex data center, our SmartMonitoring products are proven ten thousand times and reliably secure the IT environments of our customers. In combination with SmartAccess and our robust SmartPDU we offer true 360° solutions with the best possible protection and early warning system.

Distributed infrastructure

The monitoring of distributed infrastructures is our top speciality. Our products bring out all your advantages of an IT-based 360° solution across all trades such as monitoring, access control and video. We show you how you can make massive cost savings with our integrated solutions and keep your infrastructure under control.


Our SmartAccess solutions replace conventional access systems with all the advantages of a 100% IT integrable system solution. Scalable from small offices to office complexes or co-working space. Web-based and easily networkable by radio or LAN for every door or gate, inside or outside, combinable with burglar alarm systems.


Modern industrial plants must never fail. Failures cause high costs and image damage. Early detection and direct reporting of dangers is essential. Our SmartMonitoring integrates seamlessly into the IT landscape and significantly increases plant availability. ISO27001 requirements are fulfilled.


The smooth operation of critical infrastructures is based on a functioning IT infrastructure. Starting with the monitoring of critical operating rooms up to complex access control. Our smart solutions are well proven in this environment and ensure security and data protection.


Leading logistics companies use our SmartAccess and SmartMonitoring solutions to effectively manage and secure access to rooms, areas or warehouses. Thanks to our open KentixOS system architecture, integration into your own logistics applications is very easy to implement.

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