360° Smart Building Security

◼︎ All-in-One environmental-monitoring
◼︎ Protects against over 35 threats
◼︎ IT based - ingeniously easy

Find out how easy it can be to monitor your entire mission-critical IT infrastructure!

Environmental Monitoring
network based – ingeniously easy

Kentix MultiSensor®

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Online Access Control
with full IT integration

Kentix DoorLock®

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Remote Management
via App from anywhere

Kentix360® Cloud

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Securely linked for the future: A fitting Smart Building Security solution for any application

Kentix Server Room Security

Secure your IT rooms and fulfill regulatory requirements – avoid system outages!

Secure your server room according to regulatory requirements and the international standard of the ISO27000 with our all-in-one monitoring system. Only one system monitors your entire IT infrastructure and detects more than 35 physical threats such as critical climate factors, fire or trespassing. Separate systems that are incompatible with each other and are generally associated with high costs are a thing of the past with Kentix. When connected to the KENTIX360 Cloud, you can even remote control your monitoring system from anywhere and at any time.

360° Physical IT Security, ingeniously simple Find out more »»

Avoid unauthorized access – with minimum effort

The smart access control system Kentix DoorLock® protects your office and administrative rooms, doctors’ practices and chancelleries effectively against unauthorized access, burglary and sabotage. Due to its overall integration our online access control system is suitable also for distributed premises, even across frontiers. With its video recording function you can even capture picture sequences whenever a door is being opened or tampered with. Moreover, the connection to the KENTIX360 Cloud allows remote control of the system from anywhere and any time.

Have full (access) control, always! Find out more »»

Smart Access Control System by Kentix
Smart Access Control System by Kentix

Always have the status of your system at a glance – with remote management

Kentix360 is the cloud-based security center to monitor your IT infrastructure. As an IT administrator you will get all the important information about the security state of your IT environment – anytime and anywhere. This way, you won’t have to worry about the status of your system and your IT infrastructure – and in case something does happen, Kentix informs you immediately and even if the company network is down so that you can react as quickly as possible and, at best, expensive outages can be avoided before they occur.

Kentix360 Cloud – the security central for your coat pocket. Find out more »»

Kentix News: Data center certified according to ISO 27001

All-over secure data center monitoring – thanks to Kentix, now even with a certificate: phi Medien Systeme, certified Kentix partner, has equipped their own data center with a monitoring solution by Kentix and had it certified according to the international security standards of the ISO27001.

This is how ingeniously easy lawful IT security can be! Find out more »»

Fulfill regulatory requirements with Kentix
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