Physical Security for your Digital World

Your business has a need for physical security

Our IoT solution helps you meet it easily and scalably

Secure offices, buildings and industry

With the KentixONE IoT platform, you can easily secure your rooms and buildings against unauthorized access. See who has access, when and where at any time. Manage your users in real time and master a wide range of security requirements with ease.

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Secure offices, buildings and industry

Compliance, CRITIS and basic protection? Our KentixONE IoT platform is at your side to prevent disruptions and meet regulatory requirements. 40% cheaper than with traditional systems. Simple, digital and smart.

Secure Data Center

Secure infrastructure according to CRITIS

Secure your entire business with just ONE system

Access control

Not only know who – when – where, but to grant and revoke access authorisations in real time and from anywhere.

Intrusion detection

Immediate alarm in the event of a burglary or attempted burglary with a deterrent effect on perpetrators.

Live video

Everything in view at all times with live video monitoring in real time. If an event is triggered, the camera records automatically.

Network monitoring

Continuously monitors the devices in the network and identifies faults before they become a serious threat.

Environmental monitoring

The continuous monitoring of the prescribed environmental standards reliably prevents quality losses

Early fire detection

Fires are one of the most devastating dangers for a company. Early detection usually a potential fire hours before it starts.

External alarms

As part of the infrastructure monitoring, the recording of alarms from external systems provides even more security.

Power monitoring

Faults, interruptions or total failures are prevented thanks to real-time control of the energy conditions.

8 in 1




100 %


Eight security systems merge into one seamless, intuitive solution: The KentixONE security platform. Access control, intrusion alarm, early fire detection, video surveillance, environmental, power and network monitoring and the processing of external fault messages are all provided by just one system.

More than 40 physical threats, for example burglary, fire, leakage, defective air conditioning or unauthorised access, are monitored proactively and completely automatically with KentixONE. This makes it very easy for the user to control imminent threats – and simplicity creates more security.

KentixONE is based on Software Defined Hardware (SDH) and is a 100% IoT solution. As a result, all components fit seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and can be expanded without limits. Incompatible and outdated security technology is yesterday’s news. Security technology today must be smart and relieve the users.

Security technology
goes simple and digital

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