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We secure your physical IT infrastructure and protect you from failures – before it gets expensive

All-In-One with Monitoring, Burglary, Access, Fire, PDU and Video

The Kentix All-In-One Security solution integrates 8 systems, detects over 40 threats early and provides 24/7 protection for your physical IT infrastructure!

The advantage is that you increase your IT security and availability, meet ISMS requirements and at the same time realize up to 50% savings in investment and operating costs!

Datacenter more secure

Monitor the entire physical IT infrastructure and meet ISO27001 requirements with just one system. Effective protection against physical risks in server and technical rooms with full integration into the IT environment.

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SmartPDU with RCM

Our SmartPDUs made in Germany are the system basis for 360° rack protection. In addition to calibrated current measurement, RCM, environment monitoring, they integrate digital rack locking and ensure the highest level of access protection.

Detect fire hazards earlier

Detect fires before they start. The MultiSensor-TI’s 4-factor early fire detection helps you avoid costly failures with state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology.

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Digital access solutions

Kentix SmartAccess is the digital access solution for every door that integrates completely into the existing IT infrastructure, whether radio or cable networked.

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Securing the infrastructure of public utilities

In addition to cyber security, many people in charge at municipal utilities and suppliers underestimate physical dangers that can paralyse the technical infrastructure in server and technical rooms.

Fight pandemic

Back to normal is our goal. The SmartXcan is our contribution to combating the pandemic and has now won many awards, been well tested and sold in over 40 countries. It helps to make the way back to the offices and production sites safer.

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Monitoring of server racks with just one system

Extremely scalable - IoT based - ingeniously easy

Monitoring of data centers with just one system

Extremely scalable - IoT based - ingeniously easy

Secure mission-critical infrastructure with just one system

Extremely scalable - IoT based - ingeniously easy

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