The unified IoT platform for simple and digital security technology

Access control

Not only know who – when – where, but to grant and revoke access authorisations in real time and from anywhere.

Intrusion detection

Immediate alarm in the event of a burglary or attempted burglary with a deterrent effect on perpetrators.

Live video

Everything in view at all times with live video monitoring in real time. If an event is triggered, the camera records automatically.

Network monitoring

Continuously monitors the devices in the network and identifies faults before they become a serious threat.

Environmental monitoring

The continuous monitoring of the prescribed environmental standards reliably prevents quality losses

Early fire detection

Fires are one of the most devastating dangers for a company. Early detection usually a potential fire hours before it starts.

External messages

As part of the infrastructure monitoring, the recording of messages from external systems provides even more security.

Power monitoring

Faults, interruptions or total failures are prevented thanks to real-time control of the energy conditions.

100 %


8 in 1

KentixONE is a 100% IoT solution and is the platform for all Kentix products. The big advantage for the user: There is only one software running as “embedded software” – both on our hardware solutions or simply as Docker VM on your servers or cloud environment. This creates a distributed and thus resilient security solution with all important IT-based interfaces.

A key goal of KentixONE is to detect as many hazards as possible with just a few system components. Depending on the system configuration, KentixONE detects more than 40 physical hazards proactively and completely automatically. Thanks to MultiSensor technology, the number of components required for this is limited to just a few system modules.

Eight security systems merge into one solution: KentixONE integrates them seamlessly and delivers an intuitive user interface for configuration, operation and maintenance. Hardware and software always fit together optimally, which drastically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). The open Rest API offers countless possibilities for integration with third-party systems.

Security technology
becomes simple and digital

Unified IoT platform

KentixONE is an integral component of all our products and the forward-looking software for digital and unified security technology. The decentralized system architecture is essential here and guarantees maximum fail-safety in distributed IT networks. The big advantage is that you as a user operate only one system instead of many – this saves enormous costs over the complete project life cycle. KentixONE is also a step towards deep learning and data analysis and thus towards data-based security technology.

The software defines the hardware

Thanks to the SDH architecture (Software Defined Hardware), KentixONE is not only always perfectly compatible, but also infinitely expandable. Integrating additional security systems in the future is thus possible without any problems. Our hardware is based on multicore ARM processor architectures and already supports important security and encryption algorithms at the hardware level. In addition, SDH allows us to adapt extremely quickly to market requirements and to achieve the highest level of standardization across all products.

Resilient and scalable

Decentralized system architectures offer significantly higher system resilience compared to centralized ones. When applied consistently, the higher resilience is an important aspect in the operation of safety-related systems. KentixONE can be operated dencentrally across many levels without additional effort. Even in the event of a failure of entire network segments, a large part of the function and security remains intact.

With open API and interfaces

The REST API is a programming interface based on the paradigms and behaviors of the World Wide Web (WWW). It has reached the status of an industry standard and is used by providers such as AWS, VMware, Azure and many cloud providers. Kentix systems thus offer completely new integration possibilities and a huge expansion of possible uses in digital business models and cloud solutions. The use of the Kentix REST API is free of charge.
In addition to the API query via HTTP POST request using JSON objects, so called webhooks are available for the most important system events such as alarms, bookings, and system messages. Webhooks are server-based events for the immediate transmission of events. The special feature is that these are arbitrarily configurable and independent of the data model. They can be JSON or XML based. The webhooks are simply created via the web GUI of the respective devices.

The most important KentixONE functions at a glance


  • Smart WEB dashboard

  • Smartphone APP (iOS, Android)

  • E-Mail – PUSH – SMS

  • Multi tenant

  • Autom. softwaredeployment

  • Autom. backups


  • LDAP or Active Directory

  • REST-API based on JSON

  • WEB-Hooks (JSON, XML CSV)

  • SNMP V2/3 with standard MIB

  • Modbus TCP/RTU

  • ONVIF for IP-Cameras


  • Own SSL/TLS certificates

  • Own REST-API keys

  • Full AES128/256 encryption

  • Regular security updates

  • Tamper detection

  • IEEE802.1.X authentification

Explore the KentixONE user interface

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