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KentixONE makes security technology simple and digital

Replaces conventional security technology

KentixONE is an integral part of all our products and always runs on-premise and with the highest level of security in your network. KentixONE is the pioneering software for digital and standardised security technology. The decentralised system architecture is crucial and guarantees maximum reliability in distributed IT networks. The big advantage: you operate just one system instead of many and save up to 50% in costs compared to conventional solutions.

The software defines the hardware

Thanks to the SDH architecture (Software Defined Hardware), KentixONE is not only fully compatible at all times, but can also be expanded indefinitely. The integration of further security systems is therefore also possible in the future without any problems. Our hardware is based on multicore ARM processor architectures and already supports important security and encryption algorithms at hardware level. In addition, SDH enables us to adapt extremely quickly to market requirements and achieve the highest level of standardization across all products.

Boosts resilience and scalability

Decentralised system architectures offer significantly higher system resilience compared to centralised system architectures. The higher resilience is an important aspect for the operation of security technology systems when applied consistently. KentixONE can be operated decentrally across several levels without additional effort. Even if entire network segments fail, function and safety are largely maintained.

Open interfaces - Rest API

The REST API is based on the World Wide Web (WWW) paradigm and is an industry standard used by providers such as AWS, VMware, Azure and other cloud service providers. This offers Kentix new integration possibilities for digital business models and cloud solutions.

In addition to HTTP POST requests via JSON, our system also supports webhooks for events such as alarms, bookings and system messages. Webhooks are server-based events that are transmitted immediately, can be configured flexibly and are independent of the data model. They are easy to set up via the web interface and support both JSON and XML formats.

More security through simplicity

KentixONE: hosted by you, very simple, very secure

With KentixONE, we keep your back free so that you can concentrate on the important things. It replaces eight conventional security systems and combines them into one IoT-based platform. KentixONE runs on all Kentix devices and is always installed on delivery. All you need is a device with a browser to access the KentixONE web frontend. This is designed so that you can find your way around intuitively. The overview offers individual setting options for even more convenience. Even large and distributed infrastructures remain easily manageable. Watch the video to discover how easy security is with KentixONE.


Maximum physical security with minimum effort: replaces eight conventional security systems and combines them in one IoT-based platform. More than 40 threats to your rooms and buildings are proactively monitored with KentixONE.


Integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and can be used in analog or digital environments thanks to a variety of interfaces. The software is already installed on delivery. The most important thing is the integration into your everyday life: Kentix is intuitive, easy to use, saves resources and adapts to your processes.


Intuitive web front-end interface with individual setting options for greater convenience and an optimum overview. The web frontend is a flexible solution for configuration, supplemented by the app for smartphones and smartwatches, the ideal "command center" for on the go.

Discover the KentixONE user interface

The most important functions at a glance


  • Smart WEB Dashboard
  • Smartphone APP (iOS, Android)
  • E-Mail – PUSH – SMS
  • Multi-client capable
  • Automatic software deployment
  • Automated backups


  • LDAP and Active Directory
  • REST API based on JSON
  • WEB hooks (JSON, XML CSV)
  • SNMP V2/3 with standard MIB
  • Modbus TCP/RTU
  • API for IP cameras
  • VDS2465 control center


  • Own SSL/TLS certificates
  • Own REST-API keys
  • AES128/256 encryption
  • Regular security updates
  • Sabotage monitoring
  • IEEE802.1.X authentication

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