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KentixONE-GO for 25 devices (50 virtual devices), term 12 months

KentixONE-GO is the service extension for KentixONE and includes:
  1. Remote control and notification: Secured remote access and control via app without user restriction, Integrated PUSH and E-MAIL messages, Live video, Door opening via app, NFC SmartAccess function, Authorization management, Daily live check (system availability, internet access) by KentixONE-GO server, many more features (see datasheet).
  2. Online Software Updates: Regular software updates are available directly in KentixONE user interface and in the app stores for Apple and Android.
  3. Extended technical support: Shorter response times by support hotline, call back depending on support case.
Valid for one main device per installation/project. Extends automatically by 12 months, can be cancelled at any time at the end of the term. The delivery takes place online as a license key.

Select KentixONE-GO based on project size (number of devices) and service duration!