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KentixONE-GO gives you full control

With the KentixONE-GO service, you can expand your Kentix system and sit back and relax: you have full control via app from anywhere, remain perfectly protected and can rely on professional and fast support in the event of a problem. In addition to secure remote access and comprehensive control via app, KentixONE-GO also includes direct online software updates and extended technical support. This gives you prioritised access to our excellent support team by email, with a call-back by phone if required.

Your advantage and our promise: You can cancel KentixONE-GO at any time until the end of the remaining term. And if you don't like KentixONE-GO at all, we grant you a 30-day right of return.
KentixONE-GO for 25 devices (50 virtual devices), term 12 months
  • App for remote control and notification
  • Online Software Updates
  • Extended technical support
  • Can be cancelled at any time at the end of the term
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
KentixONE-GO is the service extension for KentixONE and includes:Remote control and notification: Secured remote access and control via app without user restriction, Integrated PUSH and E-MAIL messages, Live video, Door opening via app, NFC SmartAccess function, Authorization management, Daily live check (system availability, internet access) by KentixONE-GO server, many more features (see datasheet).Online Software Updates: Regular software updates are available directly in KentixONE user interface and in the app stores for Apple and Android. Extended technical support: Shorter response times by support hotline, call back depending on support case. Valid for one main device per installation/project. Extends automatically by 12 months, can be cancelled at any time at the end of the term. The delivery takes place online as a license key.Select KentixONE-GO based on project size (number of devices) and service duration!
Project size
Minimum period
The period is automatically extended by 12 months after expiry

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Activate KnetixONE-GO in just two easy steps

1. Select the appropriate KentixONE-GO version for your project size with a 12/24/36 month term and add it to your shopping cart.

INFO: KentixONE-GO is only needed once per project!

2. After purchase, you will receive your activation code for KentixONE-GO by e-mail. You can also find the activation code at any time in your Kentix account under "Licenses".

Call up the KentixONE software interface (desktop browser) of your SiteManager or AlarmManager in your network. Enter the activation code under the menu item "KentixONE-GO". The service is immediately active, which is indicated by a green "GO" symbol in the header.

Functions and services with KentixONE-GO activation

Function / Service Without
≤ 25 Devices
≤ 100 Devices
≤ 250 Devices
KentixONE App for iOS and Android
PUSH messages
E-mail via integrated mail servcie
E-mail via external SMTP account
SMS via integrated 4G modem (AlarmManager)
Manual Software Updates
Online Software Updates
Standard support via e-mail
Prioritized support via e-mail, call-back and TeamViewer sessions
Geo-based weather data (outside-temp./humidity/weather/warnings)**
VDS 2465 alarm transmission to control center
Multi tennant user profiles by alarmzones
SiteManager redundancy with autom. failover***
Available from **Q2/2024, ***Q3/2024

Download the KentixONE-GO App for your smartphone

Frequently asked questions

Activating KentixONE-GO is a two-step process.

  1. Select the KentixONE-GO in the shop according to the project size.
  2. Immediately after purchase, you will receive your activation code for KentixONE-GO by e-mail. Call up the KentixONE software interface (desktop browser) of the main device. Important: For this step, the main device must already be in your network. In the interface, you will find the menu item "KentixONE-GO" for entering the activation code. After entering the code, the service will be activated immediately; this is indicated by a green cloud symbol in the header.

KentixONE-GO is only required once per project. Activation takes place on the main device. All devices configured as satellites in the project do not require additional activation. Main devices can be: SiteManager, AccessManager or AlarmManager.

Basically, all Kentix devices can be used without activating KentixONE-GO. In this case, the full functionality of KentixONE is still available to you. Only the additional App, support services and update services included in KentixONE-GO are missing.

On the one hand, the KentixONE smartphone app (iOS, Android) is included. This gives you access to the system overview, logbooks, live video images, measured values and system statuses, arming/disarming of alarm zones, parts of the user administration and an integrated PUSH and e-mail dispatch for alarm and system messages. In addition, the "digital door key" function is available. This makes it very easy to distribute door authorisations via the smartphone by e-mail or QR code. In addition, there is the function "Daily system check" (routine check) by KentixONE-GO to ensure general system availability. There is no limit to the number of users.

With KentixONE-GO you have the possibility to contact our technical email support at any time. Our support team will handle your request with higher priority, typically you will receive an answer to your request within 24 hours. In many cases, our support team will contact you by phone and support you remotely via TeamViewer.

You can get new updates via online update directly from the KentixONE interface, or alternatively as a download from your Kentix account. Sign up for our update newsletter for KentixONE to never miss an update.

You can upgrade or downgrade KentixONE-GO at any time and adapt it to your project size. The new maintenance plan will apply from the next term year after the active remaining term expires.

KentixONE itself can be used indefinitely, i.e. you can continue to use your system even after the KentixONE-GO license has expired. Security updates will continue to be available for manual download after termination.

This is possible at any time, only the 30-day right of return does not apply.

The number of physical and virtual devices is displayed in the KentixONE system settings.

Physical devices are generally all Kentix devices that can be taught in the software: MultiSensors, AccessManager, AlarmManager, SiteManager, locking components, PDUs, cameras, IO modules, sensors.

Virtual devices are external devices that are integrated via data interfaces: Network monitoring, SNMP, RestAPI, Modbus, virtual data points or variables.

Yes, Kentix360 will become KentixONE-GO. All Kentix360 users will be automatically transitioned to KentixONE-GO as of 03/01/2023. Adjustments to the higher KentixONE-GO costs will only be made after the Kentix360 billing period has expired.